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PHP 4 Bible

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PHP and MySQL Web Development

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PHP Black Book

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So you want to create dynamic
PHP and MySQL Web Development
The PHP Black Book is a
This is the only book on PHP
database-driven Web pages?
teaches the reader to
complete and indispensable
that takes a visual approach
This authoritative reference
develop dynamic, secure
reference to the PHP open
to learning this topic. As a
is packed with case studies
e-commerce Web sites and Web
source scripting language
part of the Fast & Easy
to lead you successfully
applications. The book shows
version 4. Embedded in HTML
Web Development series, this
through the latest version
how to integrate and
documents, PHP scripts
book applies the highly
of this server-side
implement these technologies
create active server pages.
successful combination of
HTML-embedded language.
by following real-world
This cross-platform book
Whether you're an HTML
examples and working sample
covers the language syntax,
instructions and real
designer, a C coder, or a
projects. It also covers the
standard library, and
screenshots for a truly
Web programmer using ASP,
related technologies needed
integration with various
unique learning experience.
JSP, Perl, or ColdFusion,
to build a commercial Web
databases including open
PHP Fast & Easy Web
you'll get the most out of
site such as SSL, shopping
source databases such as
Development is ideal for the
this open source alternative
carts, and payment systems.
PostreSQL and MySQL.
beginning Web developer or
using this reliable guide.
The CD includes a Linux
Explores issues such as
for Web developers who want
Inside you'll find how-to's
distribution, MySQL, PHP4
internationalization, XML
to increase their skill set.
on everything from getting
and utilities for the
integration, and LDAP.
This book contains a CD-ROM
started to modifying
projects and code listings.
of required software, for
freely-available scripts --
Topics covered: The MySQL
both Linux and Windows
so you won't have to write
database server (for both
plaforms: the Apache Web
from scratch. Topics
Unix and Windows), Accessing
server, the MySQL database
covered: Get up to speed on
MySQL databases through PHP
server, and PHP 4.0.0.
relational database design,
scripting (the letters don't
Connect Web pages to backend
really stand for anything),
databases, Build complete
Database creation and
user experiences with
modification, PHP tricks in
session-tracking, Use PHP
order of increasing
for object-oriented
complexity--everything from
programming, Connect your
basic SQL queries to secure
PHP code directly to e-mail
transactions for commerce,
programs, Secure your Web
Authentication, Network
site against attacks, Employ
connectivity, Session
cookies and redirection, and
management, and Content
Avoid common bugs and
development stumbling blocks.

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Aug, 15 2000
Written for beginners in PHP,
If you're a programmer
PHP Programming for Windows
Php tutorial for Indonesian
this visual, task-based
looking for the most
covers new ground including
or Malay language. This book
guide gets users up and
effective uses of PHP, this
the use of PHP with Windows
is easy to use, with step by
running with the basics of
book will provide you with:
databases such as Access and
step method. It's complete
PHP, starting with basic
A clear guide to common
SQL Server plus other topics
with a few case, like how to
syntax, testing scripts,
function usage and pitfalls;
such as the Microsoft SOAP
make guestbook, news, etc.
working with variables,
Easy to find, detailed
SDK and using PHP with the
Also how to make connected
creating Web applications,
information on the most
Active Directory. This book
to MySQL database.
and more. Throughout the
important PHP functions;
covers PHP from installation
book, sample scripts and
Practical examples of each
all the way up to developing
projects show the reader
function's use; Overview's
PHP applications with the
just what they need to know,
that discuss how and why to
Active Directory and .NET
and a companion Web site
use a particular group of
and teaches developers how
offers every script
functions; Practical,
to optimize PHP for the
available for downloading.
complete documentation on
Windows platform and how to
powerful but obscure
work with PHP and Windows
functions such as pack and
Enterprise technologies.
unpack. The web site for PHP
Functions Essential
Reference contains materials
to support and expand on the
book. Over 700 additional
function writeups are
available, along with
updates, errata, and a few

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 12 2005
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