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osCommerce/osCPro Users Manual

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Brand New The brand new
You've downloaded a new PHP
“Mastering TypoScript” is a
This book provides you with
osCPro Users manual is out!!
program to install on your
complete guide to
everything you need to know
This manual can be used
website, but it requires a
understanding and using
about PHP, MySQL and how to
for both the standard
MySQL database be setup, in
TypoScript, TYPO3's powerful
create dynamic webpages. You
versions of Oscommerce and
order to run. Now what?
configuration language.
don't need prior knowledge
the osCPro free and exv
That's what you're here to
Users can also understand
of programming. You learn by
series! Tired of asking
learn. And the fact is --
how to present different
example from the many
questions and not getting
it's easy. This little ebook
views of content with
practical examples
answers? You can spend
quickly guides you through
different menu entry types.
throughout the book. The
days and days searching to
the instructions needed to
With the help of Mastering
accompanying CD-Rom includes
find this information on the
setup your MySQL database.
TypoScript book users will
apache, Netscape, PHP, and
web Every configuration,
Also included are
understand the objects,
MySQL source code, plus all
every function, advanced
instructions on how to use
properties, operators, and
the scripts from the book.
editing, coding secrets,
FTP, how to determine if
data types in TypoScript.
Topics covered: How to
template tricks, image
your website supports PHP
Users can also understand
install and configure the
configuration, invoicing,
and MySQL, and a quick
how to present different
Linux server; PHP--handling
advanced administration,
introduction to PHPMyAdmin.
views of content with
form processing, saving
downloads, even processing
different menu entry types.
state, loops and arrays,
orders..... It is all here
The book helps in designing
strings and pattern
and explained in detail in
and developing templates
matching, web server
an easy to follow, outlined
along with extension in
variables plus many other
and indexed pdf. You
TYPO3. TypoScript also
features; MySQL--connecting
simply cannot find this
allows users to generate
MySQL with PHP, Guest book
information any where else
graphics at run time and
application, Gotcha
then osCPro, get the jump on
display different content
application, and Internal
your competition now before
dynamically. This book is
shopping cart application;
they corner your market.
suitable for TYPO3
How to secure Apache using
developers, administrators,
and designers who want to
authentication, using PHP to
develop fully featured TYPO3
control Access, using a
websites using the power of
database to store users and
passwords, using htaccess

Date: Nov, 12 2005

Date: Dec, 21 2004

Date: Jan, 05 2007

Date: Feb, 19 2006
This is the only book on PHP
PHP Programming for Windows
Professional PHP4 will show
Mastering Mambo is a
that takes a visual approach
covers new ground including
you exactly how to create
professional-level guide to
to learning this topic. As a
the use of PHP with Windows
state of the art web
Mambo's most powerful and
part of the Fast & Easy
databases such as Access and
applications that scale
useful features. You will
Web Development series, this
SQL Server plus other topics
well, utilize databases
develop powerful interactive
book applies the highly
such as the Microsoft SOAP
optimally, and connect to a
sites that fit perfectly
successful combination of
SDK and using PHP with the
back-end network using a
with your unique
Active Directory. This book
multi-tiered approach. This
requirements. * Create
instructions and real
covers PHP from installation
book also aims at teaching
attractive custom layouts
screenshots for a truly
all the way up to developing
PHP by coding FTP clients,
for Mambo * Build
unique learning experience.
PHP applications with the
e-mail clients, some
PHP Fast & Easy Web
Active Directory and .NET
advanced data structures,
internationalised sites *
Development is ideal for the
and teaches developers how
session management, and
Open an online store for
beginning Web developer or
to optimize PHP for the
secure programming. Topics
your Mambo site, complete
for Web developers who want
Windows platform and how to
covered: The whys and
with support for gift
to increase their skill set.
work with PHP and Windows
wherefores of PHP4; PHP
coupons, automatic
This book contains a CD-ROM
Enterprise technologies.
installation on *nix,
invoicing, and more * Turn
of required software, for
Windows, and MacOS X;
your site into a community
both Linux and Windows
Sessions and cookies, coding
with discussion forums *
plaforms: the Apache Web
FTP clients, network-related
Discover more of the
server, the MySQL database
function calls, and
available Mambo extensions
server, and PHP 4.0.0.
directory services; PHP
and how to use them *
support for LDAP;
Optimize your site for
Multi-tiered development
performance, search engines,
using PHP; PHP's interaction
security, and
with XML; PHP with MySQL;
accessibility * Develop
PHP with PostgreSQL and
your own components, modules
ODBC; Securing, optimizing,
and Mambots * Master
and internationalizing PHP
DOCMAN, the document manager
applications; PHP extension
for Mambo, to turn your
libraries; A real world
Mambo site into a dynamic
employee directory, an
repository of shared
online library application,
documents and files
and a GTK interface to the
Mastering Mambo is the
application; Case studies on
book for anybody who has
a user privilege system and
developed a Mambo web site,
a multi-tiered WML-based
and wants to expand what
shopping cart.
their site can do and make
the most of this powerful
content management system.

Date: Aug, 15 2000

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Nov, 26 2005
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