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Professional PHP4 Programming

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This book provides you with
Written for beginners in PHP,
You've downloaded a new PHP
Professional PHP4 will show
everything you need to know
this visual, task-based
program to install on your
you exactly how to create
about PHP, MySQL and how to
guide gets users up and
website, but it requires a
state of the art web
create dynamic webpages. You
running with the basics of
MySQL database be setup, in
applications that scale
don't need prior knowledge
PHP, starting with basic
order to run. Now what?
well, utilize databases
of programming. You learn by
syntax, testing scripts,
That's what you're here to
optimally, and connect to a
example from the many
working with variables,
learn. And the fact is --
back-end network using a
practical examples
creating Web applications,
it's easy. This little ebook
multi-tiered approach. This
throughout the book. The
and more. Throughout the
quickly guides you through
book also aims at teaching
accompanying CD-Rom includes
book, sample scripts and
the instructions needed to
PHP by coding FTP clients,
apache, Netscape, PHP, and
projects show the reader
setup your MySQL database.
e-mail clients, some
MySQL source code, plus all
just what they need to know,
Also included are
advanced data structures,
the scripts from the book.
and a companion Web site
instructions on how to use
session management, and
Topics covered: How to
offers every script
FTP, how to determine if
secure programming. Topics
install and configure the
available for downloading.
your website supports PHP
covered: The whys and
Linux server; PHP--handling
and MySQL, and a quick
wherefores of PHP4; PHP
form processing, saving
introduction to PHPMyAdmin.
installation on *nix,
state, loops and arrays,
Windows, and MacOS X;
strings and pattern
Sessions and cookies, coding
matching, web server
FTP clients, network-related
variables plus many other
function calls, and
features; MySQL--connecting
directory services; PHP
MySQL with PHP, Guest book
support for LDAP;
application, Gotcha
Multi-tiered development
application, and Internal
using PHP; PHP's interaction
shopping cart application;
with XML; PHP with MySQL;
How to secure Apache using
PHP with PostgreSQL and
ODBC; Securing, optimizing,
authentication, using PHP to
and internationalizing PHP
control Access, using a
applications; PHP extension
database to store users and
libraries; A real world
passwords, using htaccess
employee directory, an
online library application,
and a GTK interface to the
application; Case studies on
a user privilege system and
a multi-tiered WML-based
shopping cart.

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Dec, 21 2004

Date: Feb, 19 2006
This is the only book on PHP
Core PHP Programming is the
A comprehensive guide to how
PHP Programming for Windows
that takes a visual approach
first complete, practical
to use PHP alongside the
covers new ground including
to learning this topic. As a
guide to PHP 3.x for
wireless Web's standard
the use of PHP with Windows
part of the Fast & Easy
experienced Web developers.
languages, namely WML and
databases such as Access and
Web Development series, this
Discover how PHP borrows the
WMLScript, to create truly
SQL Server plus other topics
book applies the highly
best ideas from Java, Perl,
dynamic and powerful
such as the Microsoft SOAP
successful combination of
and C to create a remarkably
wireless applications. This
SDK and using PHP with the
productive scripting
book is derived from the
Active Directory. This book
instructions and real
environment. Then, with the
author's years of experience
covers PHP from installation
screenshots for a truly
guidance of a leading PHP
in both wireless development
all the way up to developing
unique learning experience.
developer, learn every
and PHP programming, showing
PHP applications with the
PHP Fast & Easy Web
technique you need to build
the reader how to make the
Active Directory and .NET
Development is ideal for the
fast and robust Web
most of both technologies to
and teaches developers how
beginning Web developer or
applications. Master PHP
create truly dynamic,
to optimize PHP for the
for Web developers who want
syntax; then, review every
scaleable wireless
Windows platform and how to
to increase their skill set.
PHP function, including I/O,
applications. PHP
work with PHP and Windows
This book contains a CD-ROM
data, and math functions;
programmers will find the
Enterprise technologies.
of required software, for
time, date, configuration,
opportunity to use what they
both Linux and Windows
image, and database
already know to create
plaforms: the Apache Web
functions. See PHP at work
wireless applications, using
server, the MySQL database
in sample code that
concise, applicable examples
server, and PHP 4.0.0.
demonstrates sorting,
that encourage readers to
searching, parsing, and
adapt the information
string evaluation. Finally,
discussed within the book to
walk through three complete
their own projects.
Web/database integration
applications, learning
essential techniques for
building HTML tables from
SQL queries; tracking site
visitors; storing content in
databases, and much more.

Date: Aug, 15 2000

Date: Oct, 11 1999

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006
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