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Learn to build fast, secure
Whether you are an
A comprehensive guide to how
This book takes you through
and reliable PHP
experienced developer,
to use PHP alongside the
the process of designing and
applications using
system administrator, web
wireless Web's standard
building content-rich web
professional development
designer or new to MySQL and
languages, namely WML and
sites and applications using
techniques: Prevent SQL
phpMyAdmin, this book will
WMLScript, to create truly
eZ publish. Famed for its
injection attacks, send
show you how to increase
dynamic and powerful
power and flexibility, eZ
& Parse HTML email,
your productivity and
wireless applications. This
publish can be daunting on
filter user-submitted
control when working with
book is derived from the
first approach. Moreover, it
content, write professional
your databases. You will
author's years of experience
has advanced features that
error-handling routines,
learn how to: •
in both wireless development
reward the investment in
cache pages for faster
Administer MySQL users and
and PHP programming, showing
learning. This book exists
access, Create your own RSS
privileges, and get
the reader how to make the
to ease experienced PHP
feeds, produce charts &
statistics about MySQL
most of both technologies to
developers into thinking and
graphs, create
servers and databases •
create truly dynamic,
developing the eZ publish
search-friendly URLs, and 92
Manage databases, table data
scaleable wireless
way. With hard-won
other practical
and structures, and
applications. PHP
experience of the practical
pplications... PHP 5 Ready!
indexes • Use bookmarks and
programmers will find the
difficulties faced by
metadata • Generate
opportunity to use what they
developers working with eZ
multiple SQL queries •
already know to create
publish, and technical
Generate better
wireless applications, using
approval from eZ systems
documentation of evolving
concise, applicable examples
(creators of eZ publish)
table structures Along
that encourage readers to
this book is a distillation
the way you’ll build a more
adapt the information
of the authors’ expertise,
detailed understanding of
discussed within the book to
and the perfect way to
SQL and how it works in
their own projects.
master the system.
MySQL. As an
Although there is good
application developer you’ll
quality reference
learn how to use phpMyAdmin
documentation on eZ publish,
to: • Effectively perform
there are currently no books
day-to-day database and
available. Therefore, this
table management. • Create
book has been written from
better database tables and
the ground up, in a
relational structures •
tutorial/case study style to
More easily document your
fill this gap. This book
evolving data
is for Web developers new to
structure As a MySQL
eZ publish, while
server administrator, you’ll
experienced developers of eZ
benefit from the in-depth
publish who want to
and practical coverage
consolidate their knowledge
of: • Using phpMyAdmin to
will learn new techniques
manage users and
from eZ publish masters.
privileges • Getting server
It has also been designed
and database
for those new to eZ publish
statistics All database
while also being aimed at
users will expand and refine
experienced developers who
their knowledge of SQL in a
want to consolidate their
MySQL context through using
knowledge and learn new
phpMyAdmin to track SQL
tricks from eZ publish
execution and
results. This book has
now been updated to cover

Date: Aug, 25 2004

Date: Dec, 08 2004

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Jul, 08 2005
This book: --Is a step by
The book begins by
Core PHP Programming, Second
Web Services is a new
step introduction to
introducing Joomla! and
Edition is the #1 practical
paradigm that has evolved
osCommerce --Helps install
concepts behind content
guide to PHP 4 for Web
with time. With successful
and configure osCommerce
management. Then the
developers. Atkinson covers
demonstration of proof of
--Helps in building your
installation of Joomla!, and
PHP syntax, the key building
concept, Web Services are
first ecommerce website
its supporting software
blocks of PHP scripts, and
gradually moving towards
--Is a special Beginnner's
[Apache/MySQL/PHP] is
every PHP function,
occupying an important space
edition of the complete
covered clearly and simply.
including I/O, data, and
in enterprise computing. In
Professional Title
Once you have the
math functions, time, date,
this book, we will discuss
installation up and running,
configuration, database,
the consumption, development
we then take a tour of
graphics, and network
and deployment, description,
Joomla! as it appears out of
functions. He presents PHP
discovery and security of
the box, to familiarize
at work in sample code that
Web Services in conjunction
ourselves with how it works
demonstrates sorting,
with the PHP programming
and what is what. As you
searching, parsing, string
model for Web services. This
take the tour, your own
evaluation, and more. You'll
book discusses what Web
ideas for what you need in
even find detailed,
Services are, how are they
your new website begin to
real-world insights into PHP
important in enterprise
crystallize around what you
4 program design and
computing today and the
can see Joomla! is capable
debugging. Core PHP
various standards and
of. We then build our web
Programming delivers:
programming models to
application, using only the
Thorough, easy-to-understand
building Web Services using
features of Joomla! we
coverage of PHP syntax and
really need. Once we have a
functions, Step-by-step
base version of our site up,
guidance for PHP database
we then learn how to change
integration, Design and
its appearance and feature
optimization techniques for
set to suit our particular
maximum performance and
requirements, including
extensibility, Practical
bringing it into line with
debugging solutions CD-ROM
an established corporate
includes PHP 4 source code
identity. At the end of the
and Windows binaries plus
book we show how you can add
all the code examples from
your own extensions to
the book.

Date: Apr, 15 2006

Date: Jul, 10 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 21 2003
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