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Foundation PHP for Flash

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Professional PHP4 XML

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PHP is a versatile open
Consisting of 24 one-hour
This book is a tutorial, a
Build Your Own Database
source scripting language
lessons, Sams Teach Yourself
resource and a reference for
Driven Website Using PHP
capable of turning a
PHP4 in 24 Hours is divided
PHP programmers who need to
& MySQL is a hands-on
beautiful piece of Flash art
into five sections that
process XML data or
guide to learning all the
into a useful, dynamic
guide you through the
interface different systems
tools, principles and
creation - bringing serious
language from the basics to
using XML. Non PHP
techniques needed to build a
power to the design
the advanced functions. The
programmers who need to
fully functional
back-end. As an ingredient
first section of the book
construct a web based
database-driven Website
to a website, PHP can help a
teaches the fundamentals of
frontend for an application
using PHP & MySQL.
designer develop the
PHP. Building upon what has
using XML can learn how to
This book covers
functional potential of
been taught in the first
do it using PHP, since the
everything from installing
their work and set them
section, sections two
book also covers the basic
PHP & MySQL under
above the growing multitude
through four show you how to
foundations of PHP
Windows, Mac or Linux,
of motion graphics artists.
apply that knowledge in
programming. Advanced PHP
through to building a live
Written with the advanced
order to interact with the
programmers experienced in
Web-based content management
Flash designer in mind, this
user by creating and
XML will obtain a reference
system. This book not only
Foundation offers a thorough
managing forms, cookies and
as well as a very deep
provides easy access to all
tutorial which will build
authentication. It also
coverage on advanced topics.
the code samples
the designer's PHP skills
teaches how to access
demonstrated, but, more
from nothing to the point
databases and how to
importantly, it leaves you
where they are confidently
integrate system components,
with the confidence and
able to use the language in
e-mail, LDAP, network
know-how to adapt the
conjunction with Flash -
sockets and much more. The
principles and techniques to
processing, storing and
final section of the book
your own Web design projects.
creating new data, or
covers advanced
working as a bridge between
functionality including how
the Flash movie and external
to debug and optimize
data sources.
scripts, maintain script
security, and extend PHP
with API.

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Date: Aug, 27 2003

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Mar, 05 2004
Beginning PHP4 provides a
This book assumes that the
Building Database
This book will guide you
complete tutorial in PHP's
reader has read Beginning
Applications on the Web
through creating your own
language features and
PHP 4 and he does not have
Using PHP3 provides
sites using the open source
functionality, starting with
much of a clue about
everything you need to
AMP model. You’ll learn to
the basics and building up
databases (almost Zero
understand and work with
install PHP, Apache, and
to the design and
Database Quotient). So this
PHP3. This complete resource
MySQL. Then you’ll create
construction of complex
book should be able to teach
presents essential
PHP Web pages, including
data-driven websites. Fully
the reader how to build
background information and
database management and
working examples in the book
robust database driven PHP
clear explanations of PHP3,
security. Finally, you’ll
include a directory-style
web applications. Further,
PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML,
discover how to integrate
web search engine, a mailing
this book is kind of a
Linux, and other relevant
your work with e-commerce
list management system, a
'getting-the reader-ready'
database and Internet
and other technologies. By
web based file editor, and a
for PHP5 which will have
technologies. A step-by-step
building different types of
graphical online shopping
strong OO and PEAR DB focus.
tutorial walks you through
Web sites, you will progress
mall guidebook.
So we teach the Beginning
the process of building PHP3
from setting up simple
PHP DB developer the best
applications, featuring a
database tables to tapping
practices to be adopted when
series of increasingly
the full potential of PHP,
getting into active
sophisticated applications
Apache, and MySQL.
development. After reading
that focus on such vital
the book, developers will be
topics as creating run-time
fluent in database systems
generated graphics,
and how to take advantage of
database integration and
them in PHP applications.
design, and login

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