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Php tutorial for Indonesian

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Professional PHP

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Php tutorial for Indonesian
This book covers middle-tier
All-in-one--A nuts-and-bolts
Written for beginners in PHP,
or Malay language. This book
programming with PHP. It
programming toolkit for
this visual, task-based
is easy to use, with step by
features: Real world,
anyone building dynamic web
guide gets users up and
step method. It's complete
practical experience and
applications in the Unix
running with the basics of
with a few case, like how to
techniques; From
environment. It gathers
PHP, starting with basic
make guestbook, news, etc.
installation and
together the most
syntax, testing scripts,
Also how to make connected
configuration of the PHP3
comprehensive set of tools
working with variables,
to MySQL database.
engine to advanced dynamic
and shareware utilities on
creating Web applications,
application design;
the CD, and packages them
and more. Throughout the
Definitive coverage of core
with a comprehensive tips
book, sample scripts and
PHP language and database
and techniques reference
projects show the reader
book. Complete
just what they need to know,
CD-ROM--Includes all the
and a companion Web site
documentation to support the
offers every script
products, all the code in
available for downloading.
the book, PHP extension
modules, sample applications
and a C compiler used to
compile PHP code. CD
includes: Red Hat Linux 5.x
operating system; MySQL
database engine; PHP
programming language; code
listings and sample
applications; comprehensive
resource list; all software

Date: Feb, 12 2005

Date: Jan, 05 2000

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006
This book is a fast paced
Core PHP Programming is the
You've downloaded a new PHP
This is the only book on PHP
tutorial to creating a
first complete, practical
program to install on your
that takes a visual approach
website using Mambo. If
guide to PHP 3.x for
website, but it requires a
to learning this topic. As a
youíve never used Mambo, or
experienced Web developers.
MySQL database be setup, in
part of the Fast & Easy
even any web content
Discover how PHP borrows the
order to run. Now what?
Web Development series, this
management system before,
best ideas from Java, Perl,
That's what you're here to
book applies the highly
then this book will walk you
and C to create a remarkably
learn. And the fact is --
successful combination of
through each step in a
productive scripting
it's easy. This little ebook
friendly and accessible way.
environment. Then, with the
quickly guides you through
instructions and real
From installation, to
guidance of a leading PHP
the instructions needed to
screenshots for a truly
initial set up and content
developer, learn every
setup your MySQL database.
unique learning experience.
entry and then on to
technique you need to build
Also included are
PHP Fast & Easy Web
customization for your own
fast and robust Web
instructions on how to use
Development is ideal for the
look and feel, this book
applications. Master PHP
FTP, how to determine if
beginning Web developer or
will get you to a stable and
syntax; then, review every
your website supports PHP
for Web developers who want
working Mambo based web site
PHP function, including I/O,
and MySQL, and a quick
to increase their skill set.
fast. You donít have to be
data, and math functions;
introduction to PHPMyAdmin.
This book contains a CD-ROM
an experienced web developer
time, date, configuration,
of required software, for
or designer to get a great
image, and database
both Linux and Windows
looking site with a full set
functions. See PHP at work
plaforms: the Apache Web
of functions using this book
in sample code that
server, the MySQL database
and Mambo. This book will
demonstrates sorting,
server, and PHP 4.0.0.
guide you through every
searching, parsing, and
step. This book is
string evaluation. Finally,
suitable for web developers,
walk through three complete
designers, webmasters,
Web/database integration
content editors and
applications, learning
marketing professionals who
essential techniques for
want develop a fully
building HTML tables from
featured web presence in a
SQL queries; tracking site
simple and straightforward
visitors; storing content in
process. It does not require
databases, and much more.
any detailed knowledge of
programming or web
development, and any IT
confident individual will be
able to use the book to
produce an impressive web

Date: Nov, 12 2005

Date: Oct, 11 1999

Date: Dec, 21 2004

Date: Aug, 15 2000
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