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Php3 : Programming Browser-Based Applications


Php3 : Programming Browser-Based Applications

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All-in-one--A nuts-and-bolts programming toolkit for anyone building dynamic web applications in the Unix environment. It gathers together the most comprehensive set of tools and shareware utilities on the CD, and packages them with a comprehensive tips and techniques reference book. Complete CD-ROM--Includes all the documentation to support the products, all the code in the book, PHP extension modules, sample applications and a C compiler used to compile PHP code. CD includes: Red Hat Linux 5.x operating system; MySQL database engine; PHP programming language; code listings and sample applications; comprehensive resource list; all software documentation.
Platform(s): n/a
Date: Feb, 19 2006
Author: McGraw-Hill, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0071353429/


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