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The true power of PHP lies in
In the first part of Web
its strength to create
Application Development with
dynamic web content.
PHP the authors explain
Developers have moved on
PHP's advanced syntax like
from using the newbie style
classes, recursive functions
of PHP books, to making PHP
and variables. They present
work for them by using the
software development
theoretical offerings to
methodologies and coding
create small to medium
conventions which are a
websites. This transition
must-know for industry
has created a definite
quality products as well as
information void, and
to help making develop
through the Professional
faster and more productive.
PHP4 Web Development
This part covers also many
Solutions book we hope to
standard algorithms for
exactly fill that space - by
tree-structures, string
helping you create a variety
sorting and searching. Part
of real world, interactive
Two focuses on the concept
web sites using PHP4 along
of Web Applications (as
with HTML, a DBMS system
opposed to single scripts)
(MySQL), PEAR::DB, and XML
and gives much insight into
or WML wherever applicable.
user and session management,
e-commerce systems, XML
applications and WDDX. The
CD-ROM includes PHP, MySQL,
Apache, All the source code
of the book, The Zend
optimizer, Knowledge bases
from Weberdev and Zend, and
Related RFCs.

Date: Feb, 21 2003

Date: Jul, 14 2000
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