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MySQL & PHP From Scratch

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The PEAR Installer Manifesto

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The title helps the readers
This book puts together
“The PEAR Installer
“Creating your MySQL
understand how they can earn
information on installing,
Manifesto” will show you a
Database” book takes a
their share of money from
setting up, and
new way of organizing your
practical approach,
the growing field of
troubleshooting each of the
PHP development, by
implementing all theoretical
e-commerce, by offering an
technologies (Apache, MySQL,
leveraging the full power of
concepts with examples. It
indepth information on how
PHP3, and IMP) into one
the PEAR Installer. PEAR
is a fast-paced tutorial
to use, build and maintain a
complete volume. You also
Installer is the preferred
that focuses on critical
good e-commerce web site.The
learn how each piece is part
PHP software for installing
decisions that you need to
book contains a detailed
of a whole by learning,
PHP components. You will
make every time you build
information on:
step-by-step, how to create
also learn how to use the
MySQL databases. It is rich
-Customizing the
a web-based e-mail system.
power of PEAR to manage your
with tips and advice from an
osCommerce code to make the
Learn to run the Linux
web projects with the PEAR
site more robust, eliminate
equivalent of Active Server
installer to bring the power
practitioner. “Creating
bugs, and increase
Pages (ASP) using PHP3, set
of versioning and rollbacks
your MySQL Database” is a
up an e-commerce site using
to your live website. The
short guide for everyone on
a database and the Apache
synergy of the PEAR
how to structure your data
web server, and create a
Installer and a revision
and set-up your MySQL
data entry system (such as
control system like CVS or
database tables efficiently
sales, product quality
Subversion is also explored
and easily. This book has
tracking, customer
in depth. Finally, you will
practical examples from
preferences, etc) that
learn how to embed the PEAR
initial ideas to final
requires no installation in
Installer inside your own
designs. This book doesn't
the PC. This book integrates
web application in order to
set out to make you an
the technologies of MySQL,
manage plug-ins from a
expert in data analysis, but
Apache, PHP3, and IMP into
remote server. “The PEAR
it does provide a quick and
one cohesive source for
Installer Manifesto” covers
easy way to raise your game
developing and implementing
in detail designing a custom
in this essential part of
Internet databases and email
plug-in system for a
getting your application
servers. Learn how to create
fictitious blog application.
right.Anyone working with
secure Web-based email
The plug-in system is used
applications that use a
services with inexpensive
to manage templates, and the
MySQL database backend will
open source tools (similar
PEAR Installer is used to
benefit greatly from the
to Hotmail or Netscape
manage the details of
advice and techniques in
Webmail) "from
querying the remote server
this book. Written by the
scratch" while you are
for templates, handling
creator of the popular
taught the technologies.
dependencies between
phpMyAdmin tool, this book
This book shows how MySQL,
versioning, and doing the
is a short but complete
PHP, Apache, and IMP work
actual installation process
guide on how to design good
as well.
data structures for MySQL.

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Date: Dec, 13 2006
'A step-by-step guide to
Assuming a basic knowledge of
PHP 5 for Beginners is an
This book is an upgrade from
using this powerful Open
PHP, XML, JavaScript and
electronic book perfect for
the previous version that
Source application in your
MySQL, this book will help
those with no or little PHP
covered phpMyAdmin Version
business.' -Assess your
you understand how the heart
experience and want to learn
2.6. Written by a member of
business's CRM requirements,
of AJAX beats and how the
PHP programming from the
the development team, this
and start using SugarCRM
constituent technologies
beginning. This book will
book serves as a
effectively straight away
work together. After
gently introduce you to PHP
comprehensive guide to
-Covers both the free and
teaching the foundations,
5 step by step, touching on
helping you unlock the full
commercial versions of
the book will walk you
basic PHP operations and
potential of phpMyAdmin 2.8
SugarCRM – get maximum
through numerous real-world
common language meanings.
This book will show you how
benefit from the free
case studies covering tasks
Packed with practical
to increase your
version before paying for
you’ll be likely to need for
exercises for easy learning
productivity and control
add ons -Your complete
your own applications:
along the way! PHP 5 for
when working with your
guide to SugarCRM
Beginners is aimed at both
databases. You will learn
implementation – assess your
form-validation page Online
the interested, intelligent,
how to: -Administer MySQL
needs, install the software,
chat collaboration tool
but not necessarily
users and privileges, and
start using it, train users,
Customized type-ahead text
technical individual as well
get statistics about MySQL
integrate with existing
entry solution Real-time
as at programmers familiar
servers and databases
charting using SVG
with another language who
Manage databases, table data
Database-enabled, editable
want to learn PHP. This
and structures, and
and customizable data grid
books advanced search engine
indexes,-Use bookmarks and
RSS aggregator application
makes finding any topic fast
metadata,-Generate multiple
A server-managed sortable
and easy!
SQL queries,-Generate better
list with drag&drop
documentation of evolving
support using the
table structures.
script.aculo.us JavaScript
toolkit. This book is
for web developers willing
to build better web
applications. A basic
knowledge of PHP, XML,
JavaScript and MySQL, or a
strong will to
learn-as-you-type, is

Date: Jun, 21 2006

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