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Mastering Mambo is a
This book is an upgrade from
Whether you are an
“Mastering TypoScript” is a
professional-level guide to
the previous version that
experienced developer,
complete guide to
Mambo's most powerful and
covered phpMyAdmin Version
system administrator, web
understanding and using
useful features. You will
2.6. Written by a member of
designer or new to MySQL and
TypoScript, TYPO3's powerful
develop powerful interactive
the development team, this
phpMyAdmin, this book will
configuration language.
sites that fit perfectly
book serves as a
show you how to increase
Users can also understand
with your unique
comprehensive guide to
your productivity and
how to present different
requirements. * Create
helping you unlock the full
control when working with
views of content with
attractive custom layouts
potential of phpMyAdmin 2.8
your databases. You will
different menu entry types.
for Mambo * Build
This book will show you how
learn how to: •
With the help of Mastering
to increase your
Administer MySQL users and
TypoScript book users will
internationalised sites *
productivity and control
privileges, and get
understand the objects,
Open an online store for
when working with your
statistics about MySQL
properties, operators, and
your Mambo site, complete
databases. You will learn
servers and databases •
data types in TypoScript.
with support for gift
how to: -Administer MySQL
Manage databases, table data
Users can also understand
coupons, automatic
users and privileges, and
and structures, and
how to present different
invoicing, and more * Turn
get statistics about MySQL
indexes • Use bookmarks and
views of content with
your site into a community
servers and databases
metadata • Generate
different menu entry types.
with discussion forums *
Manage databases, table data
multiple SQL queries •
The book helps in designing
Discover more of the
and structures, and
Generate better
and developing templates
available Mambo extensions
indexes,-Use bookmarks and
documentation of evolving
along with extension in
and how to use them *
metadata,-Generate multiple
table structures Along
TYPO3. TypoScript also
Optimize your site for
SQL queries,-Generate better
the way you’ll build a more
allows users to generate
performance, search engines,
documentation of evolving
detailed understanding of
graphics at run time and
security, and
table structures.
SQL and how it works in
display different content
accessibility * Develop
MySQL. As an
dynamically. This book is
your own components, modules
application developer you’ll
suitable for TYPO3
and Mambots * Master
learn how to use phpMyAdmin
developers, administrators,
DOCMAN, the document manager
to: • Effectively perform
and designers who want to
for Mambo, to turn your
day-to-day database and
develop fully featured TYPO3
Mambo site into a dynamic
table management. • Create
websites using the power of
repository of shared
better database tables and
documents and files
relational structures •
Mastering Mambo is the
More easily document your
book for anybody who has
evolving data
developed a Mambo web site,
structure As a MySQL
and wants to expand what
server administrator, you’ll
their site can do and make
benefit from the in-depth
the most of this powerful
and practical coverage
content management system.
of: • Using phpMyAdmin to
manage users and
privileges • Getting server
and database
statistics All database
users will expand and refine
their knowledge of SQL in a
MySQL context through using
phpMyAdmin to track SQL
execution and
results. This book has
now been updated to cover

Date: Nov, 26 2005

Date: Oct, 18 2006

Date: Dec, 08 2004

Date: Jan, 05 2007
A complete guide to
This book puts together
PHP4/MySQL Database
Brand New The brand new
successful learning using
information on installing,
Applications demonstrates
osCPro Users manual is out!!
Moodle, focused on course
setting up, and
web-application development
This manual can be used
development and delivery and
troubleshooting each of the
by presenting seven real,
for both the standard
using the best educational
technologies (Apache, MySQL,
ready-to-use examples
versions of Oscommerce and
practices. Moodle is
PHP3, and IMP) into one
starting with a simple guess
the osCPro free and exv
relatively easy to install
complete volume. You also
book and ending with a
series! Tired of asking
and use, but the real
learn how each piece is part
fully-functional e-commerce
questions and not getting
challenge is to develop a
of a whole by learning,
site with a shopping cart.
answers? You can spend
learning process that
step-by-step, how to create
Inexperienced users will
days and days searching to
leverages its power and maps
a web-based e-mail system.
learn the essentials of
find this information on the
effectively onto the content
Learn to run the Linux
working with PHP4 and MySQL
web Every configuration,
established learning
equivalent of Active Server
so they can start building
every function, advanced
situation. This book guides
Pages (ASP) using PHP3, set
and customizing database
editing, coding secrets,
you through meeting that
up an e-commerce site using
applications for the web
template tricks, image
challenge. Once you read
a database and the Apache
right away.
configuration, invoicing,
this book, you will:
web server, and create a
advanced administration,
-Understand what Moodle
data entry system (such as
downloads, even processing
can do, how it compares to
sales, product quality
orders..... It is all here
other e-learning packages,
tracking, customer
and explained in detail in
and how it can support your
preferences, etc) that
an easy to follow, outlined
teaching strategies
requires no installation in
and indexed pdf. You
-Install the Moodle software
the PC. This book integrates
simply cannot find this
on your own computer or a
the technologies of MySQL,
information any where else
server, and understand your
Apache, PHP3, and IMP into
then osCPro, get the jump on
way around it -Know how to
one cohesive source for
your competition now before
create different kinds of
developing and implementing
they corner your market.
courses. Understand all of
Internet databases and email
Moodle's learning
servers. Learn how to create
feature. -Manage students
secure Web-based email
Beginners to the software
services with inexpensive
will get a thorough guide to
open source tools (similar
how the software works.
to Hotmail or Netscape
Experienced Moodlers will
Webmail) "from
find powerful insights into
scratch" while you are
developing more successful
taught the technologies.
and educational courses.
This book shows how MySQL,
PHP, Apache, and IMP work

Date: Aug, 17 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Nov, 12 2005
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