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PHP5 for Beginners

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PHPEclipse: A User Guide

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Professional PHP

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All-in-one--A nuts-and-bolts
PHP 5 for Beginners is an
The fusion of Eclipse, the
This book covers middle-tier
programming toolkit for
electronic book perfect for
leading open source
programming with PHP. It
anyone building dynamic web
those with no or little PHP
development environment, and
features: Real world,
applications in the Unix
experience and want to learn
PHP is an exciting prospect
practical experience and
environment. It gathers
PHP programming from the
for web developers. This
techniques; From
together the most
beginning. This book will
book makes sure that you are
installation and
comprehensive set of tools
gently introduce you to PHP
up and running as quickly as
configuration of the PHP3
and shareware utilities on
5 step by step, touching on
possible, ready to take full
engine to advanced dynamic
the CD, and packages them
basic PHP operations and
advantage of PHPEclipse's
application design;
with a comprehensive tips
common language meanings.
tuned PHP development tools,
Definitive coverage of core
and techniques reference
Packed with practical
without requiring any prior
PHP language and database
book. Complete
exercises for easy learning
knowledge of Eclipse.
CD-ROM--Includes all the
along the way! PHP 5 for
You will begin with
documentation to support the
Beginners is aimed at both
installing and configuring
products, all the code in
the interested, intelligent,
PHPEclipse, before moving
the book, PHP extension
but not necessarily
onto a tour of the Eclipse
modules, sample applications
technical individual as well
environment, familiarizing
and a C compiler used to
as at programmers familiar
you with its main
compile PHP code. CD
with another language who
components. As a plug-in to
includes: Red Hat Linux 5.x
want to learn PHP. This
Eclipse, PHPEclipse is able
operating system; MySQL
books advanced search engine
to harness the platform to
database engine; PHP
makes finding any topic fast
provide a rich and powerful
programming language; code
and easy!
development experience.
listings and sample
applications; comprehensive
resource list; all software

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Date: Jan, 05 2000
Web Services is a new
This book assumes that the
Professional PHP4 will show
The true power of PHP lies in
paradigm that has evolved
reader has read Beginning
you exactly how to create
its strength to create
with time. With successful
PHP 4 and he does not have
state of the art web
dynamic web content.
demonstration of proof of
much of a clue about
applications that scale
Developers have moved on
concept, Web Services are
databases (almost Zero
well, utilize databases
from using the newbie style
gradually moving towards
Database Quotient). So this
optimally, and connect to a
of PHP books, to making PHP
occupying an important space
book should be able to teach
back-end network using a
work for them by using the
in enterprise computing. In
the reader how to build
multi-tiered approach. This
theoretical offerings to
this book, we will discuss
robust database driven PHP
book also aims at teaching
create small to medium
the consumption, development
web applications. Further,
PHP by coding FTP clients,
websites. This transition
and deployment, description,
this book is kind of a
e-mail clients, some
has created a definite
discovery and security of
'getting-the reader-ready'
advanced data structures,
information void, and
Web Services in conjunction
for PHP5 which will have
session management, and
through the Professional
with the PHP programming
strong OO and PEAR DB focus.
secure programming. Topics
PHP4 Web Development
model for Web services. This
So we teach the Beginning
covered: The whys and
Solutions book we hope to
book discusses what Web
PHP DB developer the best
wherefores of PHP4; PHP
exactly fill that space - by
Services are, how are they
practices to be adopted when
installation on *nix,
helping you create a variety
important in enterprise
getting into active
Windows, and MacOS X;
of real world, interactive
computing today and the
development. After reading
Sessions and cookies, coding
web sites using PHP4 along
various standards and
the book, developers will be
FTP clients, network-related
with HTML, a DBMS system
programming models to
fluent in database systems
function calls, and
(MySQL), PEAR::DB, and XML
building Web Services using
and how to take advantage of
directory services; PHP
or WML wherever applicable.
them in PHP applications.
support for LDAP;
Multi-tiered development
using PHP; PHP's interaction
with XML; PHP with MySQL;
PHP with PostgreSQL and
ODBC; Securing, optimizing,
and internationalizing PHP
applications; PHP extension
libraries; A real world
employee directory, an
online library application,
and a GTK interface to the
application; Case studies on
a user privilege system and
a multi-tiered WML-based
shopping cart.

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