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Professional PHP4 XML

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The PEAR Installer Manifesto

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This book is a tutorial, a
Consisting of 24 one-hour
It will help you to:
“The PEAR Installer
resource and a reference for
lessons, Sams Teach Yourself
-Install and configure
Manifesto” will show you a
PHP programmers who need to
PHP4 in 24 Hours is divided
Smarty on your Web server,
new way of organizing your
process XML data or
into five sections that
-Understand how Smarty
PHP development, by
interface different systems
guide you through the
affects your web site
leveraging the full power of
using XML. Non PHP
language from the basics to
architecture, and build site
the PEAR Installer. PEAR
programmers who need to
the advanced functions. The
foundations that make the
Installer is the preferred
construct a web based
first section of the book
most of what Smarty
PHP software for installing
frontend for an application
teaches the fundamentals of
offers, -Designers will
PHP components. You will
using XML can learn how to
PHP. Building upon what has
learn to work with templates
also learn how to use the
do it using PHP, since the
been taught in the first
that contain variables and
power of PEAR to manage your
book also covers the basic
section, sections two
logic, to modify layouts or
web projects with the PEAR
foundations of PHP
through four show you how to
content of Smarty web sites,
installer to bring the power
programming. Advanced PHP
apply that knowledge in
-See how Smarty caching can
of versioning and rollbacks
programmers experienced in
order to interact with the
improve the performance of
to your live website. The
XML will obtain a reference
user by creating and
your sites, -Develop custom
synergy of the PEAR
as well as a very deep
managing forms, cookies and
Smarty functions and
Installer and a revision
coverage on advanced topics.
authentication. It also
plug-ins to incorporate into
control system like CVS or
teaches how to access
your templates, This
Subversion is also explored
databases and how to
book is written for PHP
in depth. Finally, you will
integrate system components,
developers who want to use
learn how to embed the PEAR
e-mail, LDAP, network
Smarty templates in their
Installer inside your own
sockets and much more. The
development, and for
web application in order to
final section of the book
designers who are working
manage plug-ins from a
covers advanced
with PHP developers who are
remote server. “The PEAR
functionality including how
using Smarty.
Installer Manifesto” covers
to debug and optimize
in detail designing a custom
scripts, maintain script
plug-in system for a
security, and extend PHP
fictitious blog application.
with API.
The plug-in system is used
to manage templates, and the
PEAR Installer is used to
manage the details of
querying the remote server
for templates, handling
dependencies between
versioning, and doing the
actual installation process
as well.

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Aug, 27 2003

Date: Aug, 11 2006

Date: Nov, 09 2006
Learn to build fast, secure
This book is the guide for
In the first part of Web
A comprehensive guide to how
and reliable PHP
all users of powerful
Application Development with
to use PHP alongside the
applications using
application, Typo 3. Written
PHP the authors explain
wireless Web's standard
professional development
by experts and members of
PHP's advanced syntax like
languages, namely WML and
techniques: Prevent SQL
the core development team of
classes, recursive functions
WMLScript, to create truly
injection attacks, send
TYPO3, this book is all you
and variables. They present
dynamic and powerful
& Parse HTML email,
need to build, customize,
software development
wireless applications. This
filter user-submitted
and deploy TYPO3 websites.
methodologies and coding
book is derived from the
content, write professional
What you will learn from
conventions which are a
author's years of experience
error-handling routines,
this book? -Install,
must-know for industry
in both wireless development
cache pages for faster
configure, customize,
quality products as well as
and PHP programming, showing
access, Create your own RSS
administrate, and extend
to help making develop
the reader how to make the
feeds, produce charts &
TYPO3 -Create, edit, and
faster and more productive.
most of both technologies to
graphs, create
manage content -Set up
This part covers also many
create truly dynamic,
search-friendly URLs, and 92
users, permissions, and
standard algorithms for
scaleable wireless
other practical
workflows to ensure that all
tree-structures, string
applications. PHP
pplications... PHP 5 Ready!
of your users can contribute
sorting and searching. Part
programmers will find the
to the site quickly and
Two focuses on the concept
opportunity to use what they
easily -Create and manage
of Web Applications (as
already know to create
statistics and logs so that
opposed to single scripts)
wireless applications, using
you can see how visitors are
and gives much insight into
concise, applicable examples
using your site, and improve
user and session management,
that encourage readers to
it accordingly -Use
e-commerce systems, XML
adapt the information
standard and create new
applications and WDDX. The
discussed within the book to
templates, giving you the
CD-ROM includes PHP, MySQL,
their own projects.
power to create a site that
Apache, All the source code
looks the way you want it to
of the book, The Zend
-Give your site unique
optimizer, Knowledge bases
abilities by writing TYPO3
from Weberdev and Zend, and
Related RFCs.

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