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Smarty PHP Template Programming and Applications


Smarty PHP Template Programming and Applications

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It will help you to: -Install and configure Smarty on your Web server, -Understand how Smarty affects your web site architecture, and build site foundations that make the most of what Smarty offers, -Designers will learn to work with templates that contain variables and logic, to modify layouts or content of Smarty web sites, -See how Smarty caching can improve the performance of your sites, -Develop custom Smarty functions and plug-ins to incorporate into your templates, This book is written for PHP developers who want to use Smarty templates in their development, and for designers who are working with PHP developers who are using Smarty.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Aug, 11 2006
Author: Packt Publishing, http://www.packtpub.com/smarty/book


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