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Beginning PHP4

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Assuming a basic knowledge of
This book will guide you
Beginning PHP4 provides a
Build Your Own Database
PHP, XML, JavaScript and
through creating your own
complete tutorial in PHP's
Driven Website Using PHP
MySQL, this book will help
sites using the open source
language features and
& MySQL is a hands-on
you understand how the heart
AMP model. You’ll learn to
functionality, starting with
guide to learning all the
of AJAX beats and how the
install PHP, Apache, and
the basics and building up
tools, principles and
constituent technologies
MySQL. Then you’ll create
to the design and
techniques needed to build a
work together. After
PHP Web pages, including
construction of complex
fully functional
teaching the foundations,
database management and
data-driven websites. Fully
database-driven Website
the book will walk you
security. Finally, you’ll
working examples in the book
using PHP & MySQL.
through numerous real-world
discover how to integrate
include a directory-style
This book covers
case studies covering tasks
your work with e-commerce
web search engine, a mailing
everything from installing
you’ll be likely to need for
and other technologies. By
list management system, a
PHP & MySQL under
your own applications:
building different types of
web based file editor, and a
Windows, Mac or Linux,
Web sites, you will progress
graphical online shopping
through to building a live
form-validation page Online
from setting up simple
mall guidebook.
Web-based content management
chat collaboration tool
database tables to tapping
system. This book not only
Customized type-ahead text
the full potential of PHP,
provides easy access to all
entry solution Real-time
Apache, and MySQL.
the code samples
charting using SVG
demonstrated, but, more
Database-enabled, editable
importantly, it leaves you
and customizable data grid
with the confidence and
RSS aggregator application
know-how to adapt the
A server-managed sortable
principles and techniques to
list with drag&drop
your own Web design projects.
support using the
script.aculo.us JavaScript
toolkit. This book is
for web developers willing
to build better web
applications. A basic
knowledge of PHP, XML,
JavaScript and MySQL, or a
strong will to
learn-as-you-type, is

Date: Jul, 10 2006

Date: Feb, 21 2004

Date: Oct, 31 2000

Date: Mar, 05 2004
Building Database
This book gives you the power
This book gives you the power
This book: --Is a step by
Applications on the Web
to use phpBB to set up and
to use phpBB to set up and
step introduction to
Using PHP3 provides
run your own online
run your own online
osCommerce --Helps install
everything you need to
discussion forums with ease,
discussion forums with ease,
and configure osCommerce
understand and work with
and develop your own
and develop your own
--Helps in building your
PHP3. This complete resource
Internet community. It takes
Internet community. It takes
first ecommerce website
presents essential
you through the whole
you through the whole
--Is a special Beginnner's
background information and
process of setting up your
process of setting up your
edition of the complete
clear explanations of PHP3,
phpBB site, and helps you
phpBB site, and helps you
Professional Title
PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML,
create, customize and manage
create, customize and manage
Linux, and other relevant
your own online community
your own online community
database and Internet
with phpBB. Written by
with phpBB. Written by
technologies. A step-by-step
experienced phpBB
experienced phpBB
tutorial walks you through
administrators and
administrators and
the process of building PHP3
enthusiasts, the emphasis is
enthusiasts, the emphasis is
applications, featuring a
on simple, and practical
on simple, and practical
series of increasingly
guidance for you to get the
guidance for you to get the
sophisticated applications
most from phpBB.
most from phpBB. phpBB
that focus on such vital
is a free, open source
topics as creating run-time
Internet community
generated graphics,
application, with
database integration and
outstanding discussion
design, and login
forums and membership
management. Written in the
PHP scripting language, and
making use of the popular
MySQL database, phpBB is a
standard among web hosting
companies throughout the
world, and is one of the
most widely-used bulletin
board packages in the world.
phpBB short-circuits the
need for you to be a web
development master in order
to create and manage massive
online communities. phpBB
handles sites of all sizes,
the largest known
phpBB-powered site on the
Internet handles over 1.5
million members and has 191
million posts to the
forums! The book begins
with the initial
installation and
configuration of phpBB on
your system, with
troubleshooting tips to help
you through. You will then
go on a tour of phpBB and
its features, stepping you
through the basic tasks,
growing your understanding
and familiarizing you with
the power of
phpBB. Everybody wants
their community to look
special, and customizing
your forum is the next stop
in the book. Beginning with
a detailed rundown of styles
and themes, you will then
see how to customize your
forum by first modifying
existing styles, adding new
elements, and even creating
a new style from
scratch. The book then
goes onto cover further
administration of your
community, creating hacks or
for phpBB, custom PHP
programming with phpBB, and
reference appendices with
more phpBB resources, the
phpBB file and directory
structure, guides to the
BBCode and permission
systems, and the phpBB
database structure round off
this book.

Date: Jan, 26 2000

Date: Jun, 11 2006

Date: Mar, 11 2005

Date: Apr, 15 2006
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