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Let your visitors signup or
Ampache is a Web-based Audio
EasyCarLots 1.0 is a powerful
This program was designed to
register on your website.
file manager. It is
Web-Based application that
display a list of links
Make certain sections of
implemented with MySQL, and
makes it easy for you to
sorted into groups. I made
your website available only
PHP. It allows you to view,
have and maintain your own
it to use as my homepage so
to registered users. so that
edit, and play your audio
online car lot. When a
that all my links are at my
the users have to log in
files via the web. It has
vehicle is clicked from your
fingertips. I made this
before they access an area
support for playlists,
car lot, the customer will
program skinable using CSS.
of your website. the user
artist and album views,
see the details of the
This is a standalone
registration script is very
album art, random play,
vehicle along with 4 photos.
turn-key program that
customizable and easy to
playback via Http/On the Fly
All photos are enlarged when
requires no setup. Simply
install. just edit a few
Transcoding and
clicked. Simply click Add a
unzip and go. If you do not
HTML codes and you are ready
Downsampling, Vote based
Car, fill out the form and
want to use this as an
to use it. the user
playback, Mpd and Icecast,
your car will be added to
index.php you can rename it
registration form also mails
Integrated Flash Player, as
your website. It's that
to any filename you want.
the users the forgotten
well as per user themes and
easy. Adding a photo uses
The program will detect its
passwords when a registered
song play tracking. You can
the same concept with a
name and adjust accordingly.
user requests for it. future
also Link multiple Ampache
form. You simply click
releases will have lot more
servers togeather using
Browse and select the
options. the script is very
XML-RPC. Ampache supports
photo(s) you would like to
secure and you can embed it
GETTEXT translations and has
add from your computer for
in your web pages with ease.
a full translation of many
the specific car. Your car
the use of stylesheets lets
lot will show 20 cars per
u modify the looks to easily
page with an unlimited
merge with the looks of your
amount of vehicle storage.
site. a demo is available on
All entries are fully
the author's website. and
editable and easily deleted
best of all, the user
when you want to delete the
registration script is
car. You will have your own
completely free.
Username and Password to
enter the control panel of
your car lot. Current
rates for our license: 1
year license $99.00 2
year license
$149.95 Unlimited license
$495.00 This
program will be hosted from
our servers only.

Date: Jul, 05 2004

Date: Nov, 13 2006

Date: Mar, 28 2006

Date: Jul, 17 2004
We are webmaster's. Like all
This script will allow your
iCritique is a web
Professional Home Inspector /
webmaster's you buy domains.
visitors to post their link
application that allows for
Mold Inspector Locator.
Lot's and lot's of domains.
on your webpage. It does not
the creation of an online
Allow your visitors to find
Sometimes you get a little
require mysql, and the only
community of viewers. Put
the nearest inspector by
carried away on this and
thing you have to do is edit
simply, it's an online tool
state and/or county. Update
wind up with domains that
the config.php and add the
that streamlines the process
the Inspector fields to
can sit for awhile dormant.
supplied code to your
of publishing and viewing
reflect the type of
We sure do! This Gallery
Digital Video work on the
inspectors your site offers.
Rotation script gives you
Internet, and that easily
Displays results as
the ability to quickly put a
enables online discussions
Inspector Name,
linkable site up that can
of the work published.
Certification Expires on
start making you money while
,Business phone Website
you continue along your
Business, e-mail
work before the domain
,Certification, State,
purchasing addiction hit you
County, Business name,
again. This script was
Business address, Business
designed to be installed and
fax, Business cell. Easily
running quickly. Edit a
Customized to match your
template, create three text
sites needs. Simple Free
files, set permissions and
Installation will have your
it is ready to go! You can
complete locator setup and
control multiple domains
ready to search, fill orders
from one installation of
for unlimited number of
the gallery rotation script.
inspectors. Complete Secure
administration area with
graphical interface allows
for simple addition of
inspectors, admin users
account setup/maintenance,
adding logos to VIP
inspectors, deleting
inspectors, listing all
inspectors , and sending
newletters to all
inspectors. More features
being added with free
lifetime updates.

Date: May, 03 2005

Date: Jul, 05 2004

Date: Feb, 27 2004

Date: May, 11 2004
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