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Country module for PHP-Nuke

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This PHP-Nuke module manages
A step by step tutorial which
Creative shop is a
DataTrack is an image
country and other domain
uses flash screen grabs,
multipurpose shopping front
cataloging system written in
informations. The user can
showing users how to develop
for small to medium sized
PHP with a MySQL database.
select three different
(basic) dynamic web pages
business. Online demo
It is designed for an
functions: 1) total select
using Dreamweaver MX. Other
available. The key features
Intranet situation. Users
of informations
software required : Easy PHP
are :- Shopping
on a network can insert
(include/omit) with
+ MySQL Front. Both free
cart. Multi-level product
images in bulk or
personalization of fields to
catehories. Built-in search
individually. This is an
view and graphic to
engine. Simple but elegant
ideal program for any
display; 2) predefinited
design. User friendly
business or organization
country lists (also rating
navigation with special
needing to have all their
lists in rating order!); 3)
features. Special features
images organized and rated
search in some important
like discount coupons, bulk
across a network. Simple
country fields. In all
discounts etc can be
set-up, simple to use, only
lists you can view totals in
integrated. Complete with a
one license to purchase.
friendly form and it's
very user friendly data and
Easily alter the category
possible to personalize the
image management back end
names to suit your specific
output with your style
with multiple features e.g.
needs. DataTrack will be
sheets. Logged as admin,
category, product, order
operational in minutes on
it's possible to update all
management, MIS and many
IIS or Apache. Multiple
the informations of each
more. Online order status
keyword search as well as
country. This version
isolated searches of
includes language files in
categories ensures a quick
english and italian. In the
and precise retrieval of
zip file you can find also
desired files. Users on the
the sql file to create the
network can insert multiple
enlarged country tabel.
files all at once with a
blanket description applied
to the set. Editing on an
individual basis can be done
later. Instantly access all
your image files, or any
file for that matter, in
seconds. Try the demo!

Date: Dec, 01 2003

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: May, 21 2004

Date: Sep, 11 2004
Completely Free, Fast,
With this module you can
This guestbook run with PHP
DreamGal is a small script
Responsive, Quick loading
integrate a whole
and SQLITE only. Smiles and
that represents an image
and Reliable
Download3000 software
some little extras. IP
gallery. It's made for
Service Invisible Tracking
archive (almost 4000
logged your become an e-mail
personal use. Once you
- no ads on your
articles) to your PHP-Nuke
if someone try to hack your
setup the script (with the
website Accurate real-time
powered site within one
admin menue and if a new
db) all you have to do is
website statistics with
minute. The best of all
entry exist, delete entries,
upload your pictures in the
detailed visitor tracking
is the fact that you can
Time to log IP in min and
/gallery/ folder (with *one*
and analysis Detailed
earn money through the
add a comment.
subfolder for each category)
breakdown of pageloads,
RegNow affiliate program.
and enter the administration
unique, first-time and
If users will buy software
area to establish your
returning visitors Search
from your site you will earn
categories. The script comes
Engine/Keyword Analysis -
commission. You need just
with administration area,
what keywords are people
register yourself at RegNow
automatic thumbnailer, on
using to find your
and add your affiliate ID to
click picture enlarger,
site? Drill Down -
module's config.php. That's
displaying n pictures /
Incredibly Powerful Tool.
page. Read info in README.txt
What navigation paths,
referring links and keywords
are leading to
conversions? Do you have
multiple websites? Manage
them all from one account

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Date: Jun, 22 2004

Date: Mar, 12 2004

Date: Jun, 01 2004
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