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Odx My-UBB-For

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Online Counter

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Oscnukelite Auto Installer

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osCommerce prot to E-xoops CMS

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Complete Contact Form for
A counter that counts how
This is a auto installer for
Comprehensive e-commerce
your site, includes UBB
many people have been to
Oscnukelite, it will
solution for E-xoops. This
support, HTML Email and
your website in the last x
automatically fill in your
is the full oscommerce. Do
javascript form checking !!
minutes. Requires MySQL and
config.php. See
with this what you can do
PHP. You can specify table
instructions in the
with the standalone version!
name and how many minutes it
Package. To be used with
should count for. Very easy
Oscnukelite 2.2
to install and set up.
Support available by email.

Date: Apr, 22 2004

Date: Jul, 06 2004

Date: May, 03 2004

Date: May, 24 2004
This program was desigend for
PAS SiteManager is a web
PHP-Blogger is a free
The PHP Class Generator is a
webmasters, to privde access
based interface meant to
photoblog script. Designed
small windows desktop
to thousands of dollars in
manage PAS and PHP/MySQL
for posting slideshows.
application that allows a
scripts, website templates,
projects for none technical
Simple to install and
PHP programmer to generate
hosting service and even
users. Features: Setup
configure Slideshow upload
Entity classes from a MySQL
includes a great affiliate
of new MySQL database with
wizard Edit and delete
database table. For
income program all for one
autocreation of MySQL
posts Thumbnail,
instance, if the user has a
users. Installation of
splitscreen and fullscreen
table in his or her MySQL
ready to use popular Open
viewing Subscription email
database called customers.
Source Application packages.
service Template-based
With this app, that
(phpMyAdmin, phpBB, Blog,
design Much more...
programmer can generate an
photogalleries, Mailing
Entity class called customer
List, E-commerce, phpWiki,
that will hold all of the
phpAdsNew, phprojekt, Live
proper getters and setters
Help...). 100% Visual
as well as constructor,
package installer that works
destructor and loadById
like Synaptic and let you
methods. The app also
install and upgrade
provides a DatabaseManager
application in only 1
class, which will connect to
Click. FTP
the MySQL database using the
provided connection
parameters given by the
user. This class can be
modified to fit the users
needs. The application
allows for quick, easy and
consistent class design for
better web application
implementation. PHP Class
Generator was written using
MS Visual Studio 2003 and
the 1.1 .NET frameworks. It
was written in VB.NET and
uses a 3rd party component
from Core to connect to the
MySQL database. It also will
make a copy of adodb to the
class path provided at
runtime. An MSI (Microsoft
Installer) has been made for
easy installation on windows
machines (Linux version of
the PHP Class Generator is
not available). It requires
the user to have MySQL and
1.1 .NET frameworks
installed on a Windows XP,
Windows 2000 Pro/Server or

Date: Mar, 22 2004

Date: Jul, 02 2005

Date: Apr, 19 2005

Date: Aug, 20 2004
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