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PHP Mailer

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PHP News System

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The PHP Mailer 1.0 draws by
This useful script can update
News System is... well what
This script will allow your
simple adapts to different
a news file or any other
it says it is! With smilies
visitors to post their link
Designs out. It makes
file online, which means you
and tags, setup and admin
on your webpage. It does not
possible to send email to
don't need an FTP program to
password protected areas,
require mysql, and the only
the visitor of the web page
use it. You can update it
can you believe it doesn't
thing you have to do is edit
by form to the Webmaster.
anywhere and it only
even use MySQL??
the config.php and add the
requires 2 files. Can be put
supplied code to your
into an admin page for more

Date: Dec, 07 2005

Date: Dec, 29 2003

Date: Apr, 26 2004

Date: Jul, 05 2004
PHP Random Pictures Add-on
An easy to use and highly
PHP Tarot Lite(tm) is our
This script should be
For Gallery Written by
customizable login script.
"stand alone" PHP
included on all the pages of
Kevin Williams This set of
This script is very good,
Tarot script. It has many of
your site, and the
functions provides an add-on
not too long and has a
the same features found in
instructions to return the
to the awesome PHP gallery.
reasonable price too.
our flagship product
number of users online are
It allows you to select a
pnTarot(tm). Like
included in the script (it
random picture from all of
pnTarot, PHP Tarot Lite
uses a function). The script
the pictures and albums that
faithfully and meticulously
can be used with logins and
you've added to your
performs the Ancient Celtic
can then return anonymous
gallery. It also allows you
Method to answer a user's
and registered users online,
to print the time and date
question. The user begins by
and can also check if a user
of the last time you updated
selecting the
is online (instructions in
the gallery.
the script). This was
which is the card that best
orignally made for my site,
represents the user, another
but I hope it applies to
person, or the matter about
which the user
inquires. Simple step by
step instructions guide the
user through the reading!
All cards are fully
explained, as well as the
meanings of the positions
where the cards are
placed! PHP Tarot Lite
displays reversed cards and
all card definitions include
the meanings of a card drawn
"upright" or

Date: Mar, 04 2004

Date: Jun, 21 2004

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: May, 11 2005
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