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PHP Emailer

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A step by step tutorial which
An emailer script with error
this is an extremely useful
Contax is a searchable
uses flash screen grabs,
handling, filters for html
script that lets u know
Web-based contact management
showing users how to develop
tags and 's. Easy to set up
whats going on around your
application. It was designed
(basic) dynamic web pages
just upload onto server and
site. the script will keep
with simplicity in mind.
using Dreamweaver MX. Other
wala! Currently under GPL
track of the no of hits to
Users should be able to
software required : Easy PHP
license. Requires SMTP or
your site ( that is, a
easily integrate it into
+ MySQL Front. Both free
counter), number of users
their existing Web site. All
online, and display the
styles and colors can be
user's IP address along with
customized with CSS.
the current date and time.
the script is very easy to
customize and install. a
demo is available on the
author's website. and best
of all, the script is
completely free. download it
now and use it on your site.

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Jul, 05 2004

Date: Oct, 29 2003
Admins can now post in large
A commenter script I made a
The ProviderTool is for the
Have forums on your site? why
red color text. This can
while ago. Simple to use and
administrative needs of your
not use the signitures from
easily be modified to change
easy to configure to match
Linux Internet server. The
your forums on your site to
the colour & size to
your site. No database
software is divided into a
give it that personal
suit your forums.
required, uses only a php
subcomponent Admin Tool,
touch. Works on
script and flat file (.txt).
Customer Tool and a Reseller
PHPBB2 Cant see why it
Can be easily changed just
Tool. Each subcomponent
wont work on any forums
leave the copyright plz.
tool manages a separate zone
that is setup for the
specific needs of your
administrator, end user and
reseller. You will be able
to add, delete and change
settings and users with just
a couple of clicks.
ProviderTool is delivered
with a separate Apache and
PHP server environment.

Date: Mar, 10 2004

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: May, 15 2004

Date: May, 31 2004
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