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Site News

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Php Simple Login Sciprt

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osCommerce prot to E-xoops CMS

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3dem-Site News is a complete
Ad server - page rotator -
An easy to use and highly
Comprehensive e-commerce
news manager for your
slideshow - ad rotator - and
customizable login script.
solution for E-xoops. This
website. You can add/edit
what ever you can imagine
This script is very good,
is the full oscommerce. Do
users, with 3 set permission
system. Forget rotating
not too long and has a
with this what you can do
levels and change the way
banners. Rotate thousands of
reasonable price too.
with the standalone version!
your news looks, so its fits
full page ads in 1 single
into your exisiting website
window. Introducing
easily! Built using php,
RotoAds. The revolutionary
with mysql as backend, this
multi purpose solution for
script will not slow down
serving and displaying
your site! Site News
advertising and galleries.
Features :: BBCode,
It will rotate your ads in a
emoticons, action log, user
viewer friendly way.
and news manager!
Originally designed as an
alternative to TGPs and
Freesites, it was realized
that the potential for use
goes beyond. Only limited by
one`s imagination.

Date: Mar, 03 2004

Date: Nov, 11 2003

Date: Jun, 21 2004

Date: May, 24 2004
Cpanel hosting and tech
EZbb :: A remotely hosted
The best flat rating system
A tutorial on beginning PHP.
support companies make your
board, that is ran on a
that use images for our
Simple and easy to
life so much easier. Get to
network with Global
friends who don't have SQL
understand. More tutorials
an account's cpanel quickly
Accounts, and much much
at their host. You can also
coming soon.
and easily no matter what
more. It is currently in
download the SQL version of
server it's on. WHMadmin
preBeta Stage, meaning it
this Rating System v2. Its'
is a web-based program with
hasn't yet been built. We
powerful administrative
would like to see your input
search tools and features
into it, WHAT would you like
for your cPanel servers. You
to see?
can easily collect and/or
search for details on
various catagories such as
an account's server, account
passwords, whois info, ip
addresses, etc. WHMadmin
also allows you to check for
duplicate domain
names, count the number of
accounts on all servers, and
even lets you add notes
about each domain. This is
just to name a few features,
more details inside.

Date: Jan, 12 2004

Date: Jun, 29 2003

Date: Dec, 22 2003

Date: Dec, 29 2003
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