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Yet Another Shout Box

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It is an All-in-one Live
PHP based with a mySQL
Provide a simple way to
WebDB Application Builder - A
Customer Service System that
backend. Very simple to
merchants in eBay or other
tool to generate database
provide online help,
install, requires PHP and
online shopping site to get
driven web site with PHP /
support, customer service
mySQL to be installed.
a real time shipping rate.
MySQL source code instantly.
and sales. This system can
This tool is developed by
Benefits of the Backend
provide your business with
using API of Sell Online(tm)
Builder Simple 3 step
24 / 7 / 365 online customer
Shipping Module from Canada
Process! Build Database
service and sales.
Post and MiniXML (a PHP XML
driven websites in minutes.
parser). Once you get a
sort, search, and edit
retail account from Canada
fields to browse Built-in
Post, you can setup your
image with thumbnail
shipping profile throught
uploading feature to your
their backend.
database Database Online
Builder. NO HTML codeing
needed! Built-in HTML
Online Editor with image
handling. Built-in List
Builder for pulldown menu,
checkbox, radio button.
WYSIWYG - What you see is
what you got. Test it
online, make sure it works
before download.
ScreenShot Guides Full
control of your backend
framework. A full list of
files are displaied in a
tree view before you
download. Source codes
generated are very clean,
scalable, robust and easy to
understand and maintenance.
We are daring to be
compared with the source
code that generated by

Date: Feb, 21 2004

Date: Feb, 04 2004

Date: Feb, 02 2004

Date: Feb, 02 2004
Fork named inspired from
Create a professional looking
PHPMyStats is a PHP script
Buy this PHP Affiliate
phpMyAdmin very good ability
forum on your web site with
especially designed to give
Management Script and start
to manage data --- but
a few clicks. You may
information about your
your own Affiliate,this will
simply, still not have
redistribute this software
server running Windows or
boost your sales many times
features : 1. tabel
and modify it.
Linux. It gives information
over, let your Affiliates do
relation 2. authentication
about the system, memory,
all the work, sit back and
login (from database it
drives attached, network,
enjoy the rewards!! This PHP
self) 3. step of privilege
pci information, and many
script is now selling for
(including master table) 4.
more. You can make your own
only $150.00 Special Offer,
phpMyAdmin is too huge
modules and templates. It's
get it while it lasts!
simpely to use, admin panel
for changing the positions
and do more things

Date: Feb, 01 2004

Date: Feb, 01 2004

Date: Feb, 01 2004

Date: Jan, 29 2004
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