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Php/Mysql Simple login script

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AutoTutorials TMS

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Advanced Real Estate System

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This login script uses mysql
Autotutorials is a complete
This is the most complete
phpEContact is a script in
and php to create and easy
tutorials management system.
real estate system you could
which you can receive mail
to use and customize login
This product will automate
find. The admin can post
from visitors... easily!
script. It requires minimal
all of your tutorial needs.
houses with price and
With this easy e-mail
effort to create and almost
With this software you will
multiple images. In the
script, you can keep
none to maintain. It is
never have to learn html or
admin area you can also
your contact information
very cheap for its quality.
even log in to your ftp
update the different text
account. It is extrememly
only pages, just type in the
general public,
customizeable to suit your
text you wanted to get
especially those pesky
needs, with a complete
displayed and update. 3
spammers. Fully
templates system!
different templates are
customizable and editable!
available and user can
Install is designed for all
switch between 2 languages.
levels of users and is under
And even more....

Date: Jun, 21 2004

Date: Jun, 21 2004

Date: Jun, 20 2004

Date: Jun, 15 2004
It consist of two parts: a
A simple counter written in
A simple download manager
You can use this simple free
diagnostic part (you can use
PHP that only requires, PHP,
which will allow you to
script, to embed in any of
ping, traceroute, nslookup)
no MySQL and only a few KB
archive all your downloads.
your websites. Its easy
and a monitoring part (e. g.
on your FTP server, easy to
The script has a built in
to install, and easy to edit
monitoring the traffic on
install, easy to manage.
text counter which, unlike
your information. Give it
eth0 interface).
most download managers, will
record each hit during
download and not how many
hits get to the information
page. It is quick and light
and now includes a script
that will automatically
detect all the files in the
download directory and list

Date: Jun, 14 2004

Date: Jun, 10 2004

Date: Jun, 10 2004

Date: Jun, 07 2004
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