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Country module for PHP-Nuke

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IP Blocker

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RSA Web Based Accounting Software

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This PHP-Nuke module manages
A very simple script that
n9PhPGallery is a web-based
RSA Software's Business
country and other domain
blocks multiple ip addresses
photo gallery built for PHP
Solutions version 6.0 is a
informations. The user can
from acsessing your site.
and mySQL. It includes a
web-based accounting
select three different
Includes a ban list file so
fully-functional admin
software designed to provide
functions: 1) total select
ip's can be blocked easily,
console allowing you to
your company with the
of informations
if you have more than one
upload your photos. Photos
foundation required for your
(include/omit) with
page to restrict. Also
are stored in folders (and
accounting and financial
personalization of fields to
includes old
sub-folders). Uses GD to
reporting needs. Our web
view and graphic to
version. Please note,
generate thumbnails.
based accounting solution is
display; 2) predefinited
that you must be a member of
country lists (also rating
Namek.co.uk to download the
that uses browser technology
lists in rating order!); 3)
file. Registering is free,
but leaves your data
search in some important
and takes about 20 seconds,
securely on your LAN based
country fields. In all
so dont worry.
server, protected from the
lists you can view totals in
Internet. Built on a core
friendly form and it's
of "open-source"
possible to personalize the
technology, RSA Business
output with your style
Solutions combines the
sheets. Logged as admin,
speed, functionality,
it's possible to update all
accuracy and stability of
the informations of each
traditional LAN based
country. This version
accounting/business software
includes language files in
with the usability,
english and italian. In the
zip file you can find also
cost-of-ownership savings
the sql file to create the
and "hard ROI
enlarged country tabel.
dollars" of a true ASP.
Available modules
include : - INVOICING -
Solutions, makes anywhere,
anytime, secure accounting a
reality !!!

Date: Dec, 01 2003

Date: Nov, 26 2003

Date: Nov, 24 2003

Date: Nov, 16 2003
JSDN is a clone of the
rsContext generates
This is easy PHP script. No
This is a member system with
Microsoft Developer Network
context-based text ads based
need to configure. This
an admin section wich makes
revamped using PHP,MySql and
on listings stored in a
script sends emails to
it very easy to use. if you
javascript. Features Inline
MySQL database. Creates ads
unlimited email addresses in
encounter problems with the
C++ code highlighting for
using Amazon's AWS and works
HTML and text format. Also
script visit www.flashfx.nl
articles dynamic Javascript
nicely as the
If you have apache+php
and we will solve your
tree menu , administration
"alternate ads"
installed on your Windows i
control panel, and misc.
for Google's AdSense.
can give you SMTP Server and
user functions. I am
help to adjust that, after
currently in need of beta
that you will be able send
testers/feedback personnel
thousands emails from your
and will supply free
own computer.
versions accordingly..

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Nov, 12 2003

Date: Nov, 12 2003
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