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KillBot Professional

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Virtual Host Creator

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PHP Mailer

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The NotOneBit KillBot
Host multiple websites on the
Aliens:2098 is an online text
The PHP Mailer 1.0 draws by
Professional application is
same server without the need
based rpg, made in php using
simple adapts to different
intended to eliminate
of Virtual Hosting. This is
mysql to record its data. It
Designs out. It makes
various types of web based
recommended for those who
is an uncompleted project
possible to send email to
robots from repeatedly
cannot use Virtual Hosting,
but has working, battle,
the visitor of the web page
filling out forms by
but want multiple websites
forums, mail, chat,
by form to the Webmaster.
requiring the user to enter
from multiple domains. Perl
weaponry, account options,
some simple data (called a
and Python versions are also
staff otpions there are
Turing or Captcha test).
clans but clans also are
Many times you may have a
rather unfinished. Reason
form (feedback, poll,
for unfinished is due to no
guestbook, etc.) on your web
more time availible.
site and a malicious user
targets a script to
automatically fill out your
form until it either
cripples your server, skews
statistics, or floods your
inbox. By requiring the
visitor to read the text in
an image (over 900,000,000
possible text combinations
alone) and enter that with
the other data in your form,
you can prevent automated
scripts from repeatedly
filling out your form.
KillBot Professional builds
upon the strengths of the
NotOneBit KillBot script to
create a truly dynamic form
of authentication.

Date: Feb, 01 2006

Date: Jan, 05 2006

Date: Dec, 14 2005

Date: Dec, 07 2005
ProFTPd Admin is a fully
Revenue booster is state of
PHP XS installs apache 2, php
a) This free guest book
functional web-interface for
the art, next generation
5, mysql 4 and phpmyadmin 2
script can be added in to
administrating and
Money Making Search Engine
they are all the latest
any html website with
monitoring ProFTPd accounts,
that uses Google Adsense as
versions and are fully
php. b) Configurable look
it uses mysql and php and is
a base for revenue. With
configured for instant
and feel. c) Option to look
easy to install. Essentially
Revenue Booster you will
use. This is the
the entries in ascending and
if you are using the
have opportunity to make
simplest way to install a
descending order. d) You can
excellent ProFTPd server.
outstanding results with
php mysql server with the
view users comments one by
Google Adsense revenue
most reliable web server in
one, with previous and next
program. We have combined
the world, apache!
option. e) File based
our years of experience in
utility. No configurations
PPC programs with our SEO
required. f) Sorting option
(search engine optimization)
to sort messages in
expertise to create ultimate
ascending and descending
money making machine.
order. g) Displays total
Revenue Booster is
number of pages.
completely stand-alone
application. Once you setup
this script you don't have
to do anything, but sit back
and relax while script
generates revenue through
Google Adsense program.
Features Include: Easy 3
step installation process,
Unlimited number of pages,
Mod rewriting work done for
every page, Keyword rich
content, Suggested keywords
list based on Overture
Keyword Suggest tool, Smart
and automatic content
fetching for always fresh
content, Search Engine
Optimized, Perfect
integration of Google
Adsense, Easy Keyword
administration panel, Easy
to use template system, Free
email support, Yahoo! News
for Content, Automatic
selection RSS Feeds for

Date: Sep, 14 2005

Date: Aug, 29 2005

Date: Jul, 22 2005

Date: Jul, 02 2005
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