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PHP Tarot Lite(tm)

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Simple IP-tracking script

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PHP Tarot Lite(tm) is our
MaxFAQ is a PHP & MySQL
If you want to know lammer's
Invisionix Systems' portable
"stand alone" PHP
powered FAQ system, that can
or someone elses ip, you can
Instant Messenger (IRSIM)
Tarot script. It has many of
be controlled with a built
use this simple
utilizes PHP and MySQL. This
the same features found in
in admin-center. The system
script. Very easy to
Open Source program
our flagship product
was created for use by
install and modify.
interacts with ICQ, MSN,
pnTarot(tm). Like
Maximum-Tech, but now it is
AIM, Yahoo and Jabber IMs.
pnTarot, PHP Tarot Lite
availiable to the public.
It features database message
faithfully and meticulously
Though only tested in RH 8
buffers, login, local
performs the Ancient Celtic
and 9 it should work in any
registration a contact list,
Method to answer a user's
PHP and Mysql compaitable
and message input/output
question. The user begins by
OS. Development of this
selecting the
project has receded. If you
are interested in taking
which is the card that best
over development contact the
represents the user, another
current developer.
person, or the matter about
which the user
inquires. Simple step by
step instructions guide the
user through the reading!
All cards are fully
explained, as well as the
meanings of the positions
where the cards are
placed! PHP Tarot Lite
displays reversed cards and
all card definitions include
the meanings of a card drawn
"upright" or

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Feb, 01 2006

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Mar, 09 2006
Upgraded!! MyNewzLetter is a
Mobile-Sender.com Suite
Lots of cool stuff. User
Host multiple websites on the
powerful html newsletter
allows the webmaster to add
login/register, user
same server without the need
application that can be set
SMS, Wireless websites, Send
profiles, custom avatars,
of Virtual Hosting. This is
up to run on your server in
ringtones, operator logos,
reply pagination, dynamic
recommended for those who
just a few minutes. Its easy
games, applications to
style choosing, many
cannot use Virtual Hosting,
to use wysiwyg editor will
wireless devices. Sell
features and settings, event
but want multiple websites
help you set up professional
Wireless Websites (WAP) SMS
logging. It's purty damn
from multiple domains. Perl
looking html newsletters in
bulk sender! Add SMS to
and Python versions are also
a short period of time with
client sites, SMS has built
less knowledge than it takes
in phone book. Text Message
to use a word processor. You
Sender Scheduled message
can save an unlimited number
sends. Send Free Text
of email templates for
Messages. MANY more
future campaigns. New
features include, return
receipts, email priority and
sending archived messages to
new sign-ups. Take a look at
our online demo.

Date: Dec, 05 2006

Date: Apr, 29 2006

Date: Jul, 02 2004

Date: Jan, 05 2006
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