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Easy php formmail

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Login Scripts

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PHP Blogger

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A handy script that mails
This is a set of scripts used
PHP-Blogger is a free
It is an All-in-one Live
formdata to an emailaddress,
for logging in members,
photoblog script. Designed
Customer Service System that
with optional autoresponse
customers, or other logins.
for posting slideshows.
provide online help,
mail. No knowledge of PHP
Very simple, very easy
Simple to install and
support, customer service
required. You can use hidden
script. Try it out.
configure Slideshow upload
and sales. This system can
fields to configure the
wizard Edit and delete
provide your business with
posts Thumbnail,
24 / 7 / 365 online customer
splitscreen and fullscreen
service and sales.
viewing Subscription email
service Template-based
design Much more...

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Mar, 31 2004

Date: Apr, 19 2005

Date: Feb, 21 2004
a simple graphical
A simple flat-file news
Provides you with an
Can be used to send
onClick-counter. leading
posting system that has the
effortless way of listing
[anonymous] e-mail messages.
zero's, imagesize and
following features: -
the contents of any
It provides easy message
number of digits
Secure Login (admin
directory on your Web host,
header and body
panel) - Smilies - Custom
as long as you have the
configuration, including
Template System -
appropriate permissions to
X-Originating-IP and
Archiving - News editing -
do so. Alongside each file
Content-Type settings.
and more useful features!
name, it will display the
size of the file in bytes
and the date of when it was
last modified.

Date: Jun, 01 2004

Date: May, 03 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Jul, 23 2004
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