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PHP Class Generator

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This is a set of scripts used
a simple graphical
It is an All-in-one Live
The PHP Class Generator is a
for logging in members,
onClick-counter. leading
Customer Service System that
small windows desktop
customers, or other logins.
zero's, imagesize and
provide online help,
application that allows a
Very simple, very easy
number of digits
support, customer service
PHP programmer to generate
script. Try it out.
and sales. This system can
Entity classes from a MySQL
provide your business with
database table. For
24 / 7 / 365 online customer
instance, if the user has a
service and sales.
table in his or her MySQL
database called customers.
With this app, that
programmer can generate an
Entity class called customer
that will hold all of the
proper getters and setters
as well as constructor,
destructor and loadById
methods. The app also
provides a DatabaseManager
class, which will connect to
the MySQL database using the
provided connection
parameters given by the
user. This class can be
modified to fit the users
needs. The application
allows for quick, easy and
consistent class design for
better web application
implementation. PHP Class
Generator was written using
MS Visual Studio 2003 and
the 1.1 .NET frameworks. It
was written in VB.NET and
uses a 3rd party component
from Core to connect to the
MySQL database. It also will
make a copy of adodb to the
class path provided at
runtime. An MSI (Microsoft
Installer) has been made for
easy installation on windows
machines (Linux version of
the PHP Class Generator is
not available). It requires
the user to have MySQL and
1.1 .NET frameworks
installed on a Windows XP,
Windows 2000 Pro/Server or

Date: Mar, 31 2004

Date: Jun, 01 2004

Date: Feb, 21 2004

Date: Aug, 20 2004
A simple flat-file news
Provides you with an
Can be used to send
The software allows the user
posting system that has the
effortless way of listing
[anonymous] e-mail messages.
to generate a given number
following features: -
the contents of any
It provides easy message
of Bingo cards which can
Secure Login (admin
directory on your Web host,
header and body
then be printed or viewed at
panel) - Smilies - Custom
as long as you have the
configuration, including
any time. In game mode, the
Template System -
appropriate permissions to
X-Originating-IP and
software generates random
Archiving - News editing -
do so. Alongside each file
Content-Type settings.
Bingo numbers and displays a
and more useful features!
name, it will display the
list of winners and numbers
size of the file in bytes
drawn. Version 1.5 update:
and the date of when it was
great new look, ability to
last modified.
change the maximum Bingo
number (usually 75), bug fix
in manual draw mode

Date: May, 03 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Jul, 23 2004

Date: Dec, 11 2003
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