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Guest Book (FB)

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dtemplate Parser Engine

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Caching RSS News Reader

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XML Output from a PHP/MySQL Query

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a) This free guest book
dtemplate is a
A class to list the latest
I use this when I tie my PHP
script can be added in to
Template-Parser Engine which
RSS feeds news sites. I have
programs to a Flash
any html website with
used for using
included a caching facility,
frontend. You feed it an
php. b) Configurable look
Template-Based Development
this is important to have.
SQL query string and it
and feel. c) Option to look
System :) Makes your PHP
Most sites that allow you to
outputs XML that the Flash
the entries in ascending and
Source separated from HTML
list their news items will
XML object can read in.
descending order. d) You can
source.. this simple yet
probably ask that you cache
view users comments one by
powerful Template
the pages for at least half
one, with previous and next
Parser, easy to use.., easy
an hour, it,s only polite to
option. e) File based
to implemented, and make
conform with this. I've
utility. No configurations
development time 10 times
not really tested this
required. f) Sorting option
more faster.. the
script a great deal, too
to sort messages in
Package also contain an
busy working. The feeds I
ascending and descending
Howto that includes many
tested were the ones in the
order. g) Displays total
tutorials that makes you
test area of the file and
number of pages.
mastered Template based
some others RSS v0.91, v2,
development System in only 1
RDF. They all worked fine
hour with dtemplate :D
however if you find anything
let me know and I will make
the time for alterations.

Date: Jul, 02 2005

Date: Jan, 02 2004

Date: Aug, 30 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004
This PHP-Nuke module manages
This is a simple emailer
Website ranker finds the
RSA Software's Business
country and other domain
script I wrote in my spare
ranking of any given site in
Solutions version 6.0 is a
informations. The user can
time. It only needs one file
top 10 search engines. It
web-based accounting
select three different
and can be put almost
lists whether they are
software designed to provide
functions: 1) total select
listed in each of the
your company with the
of informations
selected search engines
foundation required for your
(include/omit) with
along with their rankings
accounting and financial
personalization of fields to
(if listed). This can also
reporting needs. Our web
view and graphic to
email you the details found.
based accounting solution is
display; 2) predefinited
country lists (also rating
that uses browser technology
lists in rating order!); 3)
but leaves your data
search in some important
securely on your LAN based
country fields. In all
server, protected from the
lists you can view totals in
Internet. Built on a core
friendly form and it's
of "open-source"
possible to personalize the
technology, RSA Business
output with your style
Solutions combines the
sheets. Logged as admin,
speed, functionality,
it's possible to update all
accuracy and stability of
the informations of each
traditional LAN based
country. This version
accounting/business software
includes language files in
with the usability,
english and italian. In the
zip file you can find also
cost-of-ownership savings
the sql file to create the
and "hard ROI
enlarged country tabel.
dollars" of a true ASP.
Available modules
include : - INVOICING -
Solutions, makes anywhere,
anytime, secure accounting a
reality !!!

Date: Dec, 01 2003

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Mar, 03 2004

Date: Nov, 16 2003
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