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vrml planetary system

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The Money Making Module

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dtemplate Parser Engine

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Simple PHP Emailer

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Makes many planets with many
Webmasters,make money now
dtemplate is a
This is a simple emailer
moons and a ring if chosen.
through your PHP-Nuke
Template-Parser Engine which
script I wrote in my spare
Now has some planetmaps and
Powered website. With the
used for using
time. It only needs one file
moonmaps and milkyway
Europermission affiliate
Template-Based Development
and can be put almost
background if chosen. Looks
program(The Money Making
System :) Makes your PHP
realistic! Outputs wrl or
Module) you will be
Source separated from HTML
source files. Now with
generating revenue for every
source.. this simple yet
random background also!
registered users, even if
powerful Template
these users never revisit
Parser, easy to use.., easy
your web page. When the
to implemented, and make
user registers into our
development time 10 times
permission marketing
more faster.. the
program, he/she provides us
Package also contain an
with demographic and
Howto that includes many
professional information
tutorials that makes you
which we subsequently rent
mastered Template based
to top tier and Forture 500
development System in only 1
advertisers at premium
hour with dtemplate :D

Date: Apr, 18 2005

Date: Mar, 18 2004

Date: Jan, 02 2004

Date: Dec, 18 2003
A class to list the latest
I use this when I tie my PHP
An emailer script with error
this is an extremely useful
RSS feeds news sites. I have
programs to a Flash
handling, filters for html
script that lets u know
included a caching facility,
frontend. You feed it an
tags and 's. Easy to set up
whats going on around your
this is important to have.
SQL query string and it
just upload onto server and
site. the script will keep
Most sites that allow you to
outputs XML that the Flash
wala! Currently under GPL
track of the no of hits to
list their news items will
XML object can read in.
license. Requires SMTP or
your site ( that is, a
probably ask that you cache
counter), number of users
the pages for at least half
online, and display the
an hour, it,s only polite to
user's IP address along with
conform with this. I've
the current date and time.
not really tested this
the script is very easy to
script a great deal, too
customize and install. a
busy working. The feeds I
demo is available on the
tested were the ones in the
author's website. and best
test area of the file and
of all, the script is
some others RSS v0.91, v2,
completely free. download it
RDF. They all worked fine
now and use it on your site.
however if you find anything
let me know and I will make
the time for alterations.

Date: Aug, 30 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Jul, 05 2004
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