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Get Weather

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Simple Email Send

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PHP Word Filter

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This is an updated version of
This Working Email form is
This Script can be included
You can use this simple free
my previous free one. This
very handy it includes, a
anywhere and used where ever
script, to embed in any of
one does error checking,
working WYSIWYG editor and
you have a public entry form
your websites. Its easy
uses sessions so that you
working smilies. its Very
where users can enter
to install, and easy to edit
store the info and not call
easy to modify and install.
freehand text, this is to
your information. Give it
weather.com on every page
all i ask for you using it
stop people with over-active
load, leaves weather.com as
is a link back to my site.
imaginations and an
soon as it has its info
thank you
overdeveloped sense of
instead of looping on
humour from making rude or
through the rest of the
profane entries. The word
page. Essentially, this
filter itself is as
version is highly stable,
expandable as your word
super fast, thoroughly
definitions it could include
commented, no install - just
any terms deemed
include it from somewhere
inappropriate it will filter
and your done or just make
them and replace them with
it the whole page.
random punctuation
marks. Requires MySQL
3.22.x or higher & PHP4

Date: Aug, 05 2004

Date: Nov, 02 2003

Date: May, 24 2004

Date: Jun, 07 2004
TCPDB is a Web application to
The NotOneBit KillBot
DataTrack is an image
TerminPlanner is web-based
keep track of your IP
Professional application is
cataloging system written in
reservation and scheduling
addresses and hosts. TCPDB
intended to eliminate
PHP with a MySQL database.
system, allowing users to
is suited for both small and
various types of web based
It is designed for an
register and then place
large networks with many
robots from repeatedly
Intranet situation. Users
reservations on any kind of
locations and subnets.
filling out forms by
on a network can insert
resources, such as
requiring the user to enter
images in bulk or
conference rooms, machines,
some simple data (called a
individually. This is an
computers, etc. The
Turing or Captcha test).
ideal program for any
administrative side allows
Many times you may have a
business or organization
complete control over user
form (feedback, poll,
needing to have all their
permissions, resource data,
guestbook, etc.) on your web
images organized and rated
reservation data, and is
site and a malicious user
across a network. Simple
completely configurable
targets a script to
set-up, simple to use, only
automatically fill out your
one license to purchase.
form until it either
Easily alter the category
cripples your server, skews
names to suit your specific
statistics, or floods your
needs. DataTrack will be
inbox. By requiring the
operational in minutes on
visitor to read the text in
IIS or Apache. Multiple
an image (over 900,000,000
keyword search as well as
possible text combinations
isolated searches of
alone) and enter that with
categories ensures a quick
the other data in your form,
and precise retrieval of
you can prevent automated
desired files. Users on the
scripts from repeatedly
network can insert multiple
filling out your form.
files all at once with a
KillBot Professional builds
blanket description applied
upon the strengths of the
to the set. Editing on an
NotOneBit KillBot script to
individual basis can be done
create a truly dynamic form
later. Instantly access all
of authentication.
your image files, or any
file for that matter, in
seconds. Try the demo!

Date: Dec, 14 2004

Date: Feb, 01 2006

Date: Sep, 11 2004

Date: Aug, 08 2004
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