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TGP Daemon

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PHP Class Generator

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We are webmaster's. Like all
The PHP Class Generator is a
this is an extremely handy
iCritique is a web
webmaster's you buy domains.
small windows desktop
and easy to install contact
application that allows for
Lot's and lot's of domains.
application that allows a
form or email form you can
the creation of an online
Sometimes you get a little
PHP programmer to generate
use on your websites. just
community of viewers. Put
carried away on this and
Entity classes from a MySQL
load the single file (there
simply, it's an online tool
wind up with domains that
database table. For
is also a stylesheet which u
that streamlines the process
can sit for awhile dormant.
instance, if the user has a
can choose to use or not) to
of publishing and viewing
We sure do! This Gallery
table in his or her MySQL
your server, configure your
Digital Video work on the
Rotation script gives you
database called customers.
email address and you are
Internet, and that easily
the ability to quickly put a
With this app, that
done. the form mailer also
enables online discussions
linkable site up that can
programmer can generate an
comes with a confirmation
of the work published.
start making you money while
Entity class called customer
note after your mail has
you continue along your
that will hold all of the
been sent. this contact
work before the domain
proper getters and setters
mailer also verifies if the
purchasing addiction hit you
as well as constructor,
email supplied by a user is
again. This script was
destructor and loadById
correct and returns an error
designed to be installed and
methods. The app also
message if not. the demo for
running quickly. Edit a
provides a DatabaseManager
the form mailer / contact
template, create three text
class, which will connect to
mailer can be seen here -
files, set permissions and
the MySQL database using the
<a href=
it is ready to go! You can
provided connection
control multiple domains
parameters given by the
from one installation of
user. This class can be
the gallery rotation script.
modified to fit the users
needs. The application
allows for quick, easy and
consistent class design for
better web application
implementation. PHP Class
Generator was written using
MS Visual Studio 2003 and
the 1.1 .NET frameworks. It
was written in VB.NET and
uses a 3rd party component
from Core to connect to the
MySQL database. It also will
make a copy of adodb to the
class path provided at
runtime. An MSI (Microsoft
Installer) has been made for
easy installation on windows
machines (Linux version of
the PHP Class Generator is
not available). It requires
the user to have MySQL and
1.1 .NET frameworks
installed on a Windows XP,
Windows 2000 Pro/Server or

Date: May, 03 2005

Date: Aug, 20 2004

Date: Jun, 28 2004

Date: Feb, 27 2004
Professional Home Inspector /
PHP-Blogger is a free
PHPMyStats is a PHP script
News System is... well what
Mold Inspector Locator.
photoblog script. Designed
especially designed to give
it says it is! With smilies
Allow your visitors to find
for posting slideshows.
information about your
and tags, setup and admin
the nearest inspector by
Simple to install and
server running Windows or
password protected areas,
state and/or county. Update
configure Slideshow upload
Linux. It gives information
can you believe it doesn't
the Inspector fields to
wizard Edit and delete
about the system, memory,
even use MySQL??
reflect the type of
posts Thumbnail,
drives attached, network,
inspectors your site offers.
splitscreen and fullscreen
pci information, and many
Displays results as
viewing Subscription email
more. You can make your own
Inspector Name,
service Template-based
modules and templates. It's
Certification Expires on
design Much more...
simpely to use, admin panel
,Business phone Website
for changing the positions
Business, e-mail
and do more things
,Certification, State,
County, Business name,
Business address, Business
fax, Business cell. Easily
Customized to match your
sites needs. Simple Free
Installation will have your
complete locator setup and
ready to search, fill orders
for unlimited number of
inspectors. Complete Secure
administration area with
graphical interface allows
for simple addition of
inspectors, admin users
account setup/maintenance,
adding logos to VIP
inspectors, deleting
inspectors, listing all
inspectors , and sending
newletters to all
inspectors. More features
being added with free
lifetime updates.

Date: May, 11 2004

Date: Apr, 19 2005

Date: Feb, 01 2004

Date: Apr, 26 2004
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