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dtemplate Parser Engine

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Dynamic Calendar

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dtemplate is a
dynaDocs, a fast and easy way
The Dynamic Calendar combines
This code reads the names of
Template-Parser Engine which
to store your documents
many features of your
all folders in a directory
used for using
online. Access your files
favorite event scheduling
and generates a menu of
Template-Based Development
via a web browser (also pda
software with the easy
links to those directories.
System :) Makes your PHP
compatible). The best
interface of popular
If there are no directories,
Source separated from HTML
searchable archive system
handheld operating system
it checks the next folder
source.. this simple yet
yet! Can be configured as a
into one complete, online
down and uses those instead.
powerful Template
Content Management System
calendar system. This
It also generates a
Parser, easy to use.., easy
(CMS) for your clients as
database-driven calendar is
breadcrumb trail and page
to implemented, and make
well. Store your problem
easy to set up with your web
titles based on the url of
development time 10 times
resolution documents,
site, and since it's
the page. For more advanced
more faster.. the
procedures, installation
web-based, you can manage
instructions, click the link
Package also contain an
notes, recipes now!
the events from any computer
provided to my site.
Howto that includes many
with a connection to the
tutorials that makes you
Internet - not just one
mastered Template based
machine, in your office!
development System in only 1
hour with dtemplate :D

Date: Jan, 02 2004

Date: Apr, 22 2004

Date: Sep, 18 2004

Date: Apr, 16 2005
eonline admin system is a
This is a standard set of
A handy script that mails
EasyCarLots 1.0 is a powerful
strong low calorie PHP
scripts used for email
formdata to an emailaddress,
Web-Based application that
backend system. Includes a
processing. There are only
with optional autoresponse
makes it easy for you to
News display system and
two variable to change and
mail. No knowledge of PHP
have and maintain your own
Content management system.
it will be ready to use.
required. You can use hidden
online car lot. When a
Easily integrates into your
This script is very
fields to configure the
vehicle is clicked from your
existing layout. Best of
effective. This can only be
car lot, the customer will
all, No Copyright is
used for 1 email address. If
see the details of the
displayed on the pages!
you have multiple email
vehicle along with 4 photos.
Requires PHP 4.1+ and MySQL.
address I suggest you use
All photos are enlarged when
ct_email for more
clicked. Simply click Add a
flexibility. Also there is a
Car, fill out the form and
blind email version so that
your car will be added to
you won't get hit by mail
your website. It's that
easy. Adding a photo uses
the same concept with a
form. You simply click
Browse and select the
photo(s) you would like to
add from your computer for
the specific car. Your car
lot will show 20 cars per
page with an unlimited
amount of vehicle storage.
All entries are fully
editable and easily deleted
when you want to delete the
car. You will have your own
Username and Password to
enter the control panel of
your car lot. Current
rates for our license: 1
year license $99.00 2
year license
$149.95 Unlimited license
$495.00 This
program will be hosted from
our servers only.

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Mar, 31 2004

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Mar, 28 2006
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