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PHP Trackback

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PHP User System

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PHP Word Filter

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PHP xFileManager

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A simple, portable PHP class
An excellent yet very
This Script can be included
This is an easy to use file
with full TrackBack
reliable user system , its
anywhere and used where ever
download manager. It lists
capabilites. Ping trackback
one of the easiest ones
you have a public entry form
all your files for your
URIs, receive trackbacks
around to setup , enables
where users can enter
users to find easily. It has
from other clients and seed
users to signup on your
freehand text, this is to
a confirm page that shows
pages for auto-discovery.
website , recieve emails
stop people with over-active
you the description,
The class also extract links
when your website is updated
imaginations and an
category, file name, size,
from a given string and
or about other information ,
overdeveloped sense of
and a link to download it.
search these links for
allows members to access
humour from making rude or
trackback URIs.
private areas , that guests
profane entries. The word
cant! Please download it and
filter itself is as
rate it :)
expandable as your word
definitions it could include
any terms deemed
inappropriate it will filter
them and replace them with
random punctuation
marks. Requires MySQL
3.22.x or higher & PHP4

Date: Jun, 04 2004

Date: Apr, 25 2004

Date: May, 24 2004

Date: Mar, 22 2004
PHP XS installs apache 2, php
This login script uses mysql
phpBB modification based on
phpEContact is a script in
5, mysql 4 and phpmyadmin 2
and php to create and easy
phpBB 2.0.X script, it
which you can receive mail
they are all the latest
to use and customize login
contains about 200 add-ons,
from visitors... easily!
versions and are fully
script. It requires minimal
with ability to switch off
With this easy e-mail
configured for instant
effort to create and almost
any of them in admin's
script, you can keep
use. This is the
none to maintain. It is
panel. Demo forum with admin
your contact information
simplest way to install a
very cheap for its quality.
privileges you can find at
php mysql server with the
the homepage
general public,
most reliable web server in
especially those pesky
the world, apache!
spammers. Fully
customizable and editable!
Install is designed for all
levels of users and is under

Date: Jul, 22 2005

Date: Jun, 21 2004

Date: Aug, 12 2004

Date: Jun, 15 2004
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