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TGP Daemon

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TCPDB is a Web application to
SAVE TIME! This is a complete
TerminPlanner is web-based
We are webmaster's. Like all
keep track of your IP
system to sell your web
reservation and scheduling
webmaster's you buy domains.
addresses and hosts. TCPDB
templates. Dynamically
system, allowing users to
Lot's and lot's of domains.
is suited for both small and
creates pages of thumbnails
register and then place
Sometimes you get a little
large networks with many
and the large size previews.
reservations on any kind of
carried away on this and
locations and subnets.
Integrated paypal
resources, such as
wind up with domains that
processing. Unlimited
conference rooms, machines,
can sit for awhile dormant.
Catagories and unlimited
computers, etc. The
We sure do! This Gallery
templates. Allow users to
administrative side allows
Rotation script gives you
rate templates based on 1-5
complete control over user
the ability to quickly put a
stars! Never have to program
permissions, resource data,
linkable site up that can
again! Comes with an
reservation data, and is
start making you money while
installer script and free
completely configurable
you continue along your
support! Secure and Fast!
work before the domain
purchasing addiction hit you
again. This script was
designed to be installed and
running quickly. Edit a
template, create three text
files, set permissions and
it is ready to go! You can
control multiple domains
from one installation of
the gallery rotation script.

Date: Dec, 14 2004

Date: Sep, 16 2004

Date: Aug, 08 2004

Date: May, 03 2005
Webmasters,make money now
As its anme suggests, The
The TT calendar library is a
through your PHP-Nuke
Smart GuestBook is a
PHP library for producing
Powered website. With the
beautiful guestbook script
and manipulating calendar
Europermission affiliate
in PHP that has almost all
months as HTML. It
program(The Money Making
features that an advanced
simplifies the process of
Module) you will be
guestbook should have. It
producing a calendar as an
generating revenue for every
supports avatar, emoticons
HTML table, and allows
registered users, even if
or smilies, bbcode, easy
individual days and ranges
these users never revisit
installation with automatic
of days to be coloured or
your web page. When the
installer, language
enclosed in anchor tags at
user registers into our
templates (currently only
will. It has been tested
permission marketing
English is available), flood
with PHP versions greater
program, he/she provides us
protection, IP logging &
than 4.0.6. This software is
with demographic and
banning, bad words filter,
free open source software
professional information
validates the information
released under the terms of
which we subsequently rent
provided by your visitor
the GNU Lesser General
to top tier and Forture 500
(email, website, name,
Public Licence.
advertisers at premium
message), ICQ, AIM, YIM
support (displays
information via tooltips),
an easy administrator
control panel with full
control of your guestbook,
verification of comments for
size etc. With this advanced
version of the guestbook,
you can edit and design it
to fit your liking or your
website looks!! Moreover,
The Smart GuestBook can
record the time your
visitors signed your
guestbook. You can change
your password as often as
you need for security
reasons. And all this comes
for FREE!! A demo is
available on the author's
website. Come and get it now.

Date: Mar, 18 2004

Date: Aug, 23 2004

Date: Apr, 10 2004

Date: Dec, 09 2003
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