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Website Generator

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Wedding Photographer

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XML Output from a PHP/MySQL Query

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Database driven free website
Wedding photographer complete
Cpanel hosting and tech
I use this when I tie my PHP
program. Create a
with ftp capabilities to
support companies make your
programs to a Flash
professional website through
upload and also send orders
life so much easier. Get to
frontend. You feed it an
an online administration
directly to your lab!
an account's cpanel quickly
SQL query string and it
interface. Change the looks
and easily no matter what
outputs XML that the Flash
of your site as often as you
server it's on. WHMadmin
XML object can read in.
want. Switch templates
is a web-based program with
(160+), buttons, menu's,
powerful administrative
flash effects etc. No
search tools and features
uploading required. All
for your cPanel servers. You
selections and changes
can easily collect and/or
become effective immediately
search for details on
after saving them in the
various catagories such as
admin interface.
an account's server, account
passwords, whois info, ip
addresses, etc. WHMadmin
also allows you to check for
duplicate domain
names, count the number of
accounts on all servers, and
even lets you add notes
about each domain. This is
just to name a few features,
more details inside.

Date: Oct, 04 2004

Date: Dec, 29 2003

Date: Jan, 12 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004
It consist of two parts: a
PHP based with a mySQL
This is easy PHP script. No
diagnostic part (you can use
backend. Very simple to
need to configure. This
ping, traceroute, nslookup)
install, requires PHP and
script sends emails to
and a monitoring part (e. g.
mySQL to be installed.
unlimited email addresses in
monitoring the traffic on
HTML and text format. Also
eth0 interface).
If you have apache+php
installed on your Windows i
can give you SMTP Server and
help to adjust that, after
that you will be able send
thousands emails from your
own computer.

Date: Jun, 14 2004

Date: Feb, 04 2004

Date: Nov, 12 2003
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