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Rating System

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Referrer Spam Stopper 3000

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Restaurant Menu

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The best flat rating system
This script is supposed to
RepleteSurveys gives you the
finally a visual restaurant
that use images for our
parse an Apache log file,
ability to create surveys
menu system solution thats
friends who don't have SQL
look for all domains that
with many questions, record
easy to use for the customer
at their host. You can also
exceed a certain amount of
survey responses
and for the owner with a
download the SQL version of
accesses (threshold is set
automatically in a MySQL
very easy to use admin area.
this Rating System v2. Its'
as percentage of all
database, and view the
Easily create coupons and
results Graphically.
specials that time expire,
normalize/generalize them
Features include: *
add your products,change
and then add it to a
Secure Admin login *
pricing and stores your
.htaccess file in order to
Surveys can be
orders, accepts paypal,
block those domains for the
self-contained webpages,
future. v1.1: bugfixes,
orů * Easily include your
charge,website to fax
small structural changes,
surveys in existing webpages
option,auto resizes photos,
by cut&paste of the
written in php mysql and
survey HTML. * Graphical
java. Fully customizable to
display of survey responses
your restaurants look.
/ results in a
self-contained webpage. *
Email you survey to a list
of email addresses. *
Create and maintain many
surveys at once. *
Rearrange, Add, Update, and
Delete survey questions. *
Preview * Survey code
generator in HTML ** New GUI

Date: Dec, 22 2003

Date: Apr, 10 2004

Date: Jan, 31 2005

Date: Dec, 29 2003
Revenue booster is state of
Ad server - page rotator -
RSA Software's Business
rsContext generates
the art, next generation
slideshow - ad rotator - and
Solutions version 6.0 is a
context-based text ads based
Money Making Search Engine
what ever you can imagine
web-based accounting
on listings stored in a
that uses Google Adsense as
system. Forget rotating
software designed to provide
MySQL database. Creates ads
a base for revenue. With
banners. Rotate thousands of
your company with the
using Amazon's AWS and works
Revenue Booster you will
full page ads in 1 single
foundation required for your
nicely as the
have opportunity to make
window. Introducing
accounting and financial
"alternate ads"
outstanding results with
RotoAds. The revolutionary
reporting needs. Our web
for Google's AdSense.
Google Adsense revenue
multi purpose solution for
based accounting solution is
program. We have combined
serving and displaying
our years of experience in
advertising and galleries.
that uses browser technology
PPC programs with our SEO
It will rotate your ads in a
but leaves your data
(search engine optimization)
viewer friendly way.
securely on your LAN based
expertise to create ultimate
Originally designed as an
server, protected from the
money making machine.
alternative to TGPs and
Internet. Built on a core
Revenue Booster is
Freesites, it was realized
of "open-source"
completely stand-alone
that the potential for use
technology, RSA Business
application. Once you setup
goes beyond. Only limited by
Solutions combines the
this script you don't have
one`s imagination.
speed, functionality,
to do anything, but sit back
accuracy and stability of
and relax while script
traditional LAN based
generates revenue through
accounting/business software
Google Adsense program.
with the usability,
Features Include: Easy 3
step installation process,
cost-of-ownership savings
Unlimited number of pages,
and "hard ROI
Mod rewriting work done for
dollars" of a true ASP.
every page, Keyword rich
Available modules
content, Suggested keywords
include : - INVOICING -
list based on Overture
Keyword Suggest tool, Smart
and automatic content
fetching for always fresh
content, Search Engine
Optimized, Perfect
Solutions, makes anywhere,
integration of Google
anytime, secure accounting a
Adsense, Easy Keyword
reality !!!
administration panel, Easy
to use template system, Free
email support, Yahoo! News
for Content, Automatic
selection RSS Feeds for

Date: Aug, 29 2005

Date: Nov, 11 2003

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Nov, 16 2003
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