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eMail Checker

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Email Contact Form

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EZbb :: The EZ Bulletin Board

Hits: 787

Fake Web Traffic Hits

Hits: 1543
This PHP-Skript checks your
this is an extremely handy
EZbb :: A remotely hosted
Proxyhits.com sends fake
entered eMails. The
and easy to install contact
board, that is ran on a
traffic or visitors to your
functions are: - ...its
form or email form you can
network with Global
website using a list of
looking for the correct
use on your websites. just
Accounts, and much much
available proxy ports. Each
syntax. - Mail-Server
load the single file (there
more. It is currently in
hit is registered on your
validation - ...if the
is also a stylesheet which u
preBeta Stage, meaning it
server as a "true"
email exists under the
can choose to use or not) to
hasn't yet been built. We
unique visitor to your
your server, configure your
would like to see your input
website. In addition our
email address and you are
into it, WHAT would you like
software uses patented
done. the form mailer also
to see?
referring technology to make
comes with a confirmation
it appear as if the visitors
note after your mail has
are coming from various
been sent. this contact
places including Google or
mailer also verifies if the
any unique URL you specify.
email supplied by a user is
We are the original
correct and returns an error
developers of this
message if not. the demo for
the form mailer / contact
mailer can be seen here -
<a href=

Date: Jun, 04 2004

Date: Jun, 28 2004

Date: Jun, 29 2003

Date: Jun, 01 2004
FastWork, an installer of
this is an extremely handy
Super fast CMS and RSS
A sophisticated, but simple
Apache 2.x.xx, MySql 4.x.xx
script lets your visitors
syndication system.
to use Flash MX/PHP/MySQL
and PHP 4.x.xx for Windows
load files to your own web
Complete turn key website
user authentication system
specially made for PHP
folder directly. this
that allows you to RSS
that allows you to protect
developers. If you plan to
simple script uses
syndicate an infinite amount
your flash pages. It
learn PHP or MySQL why
stylesheet to suitably
of topics from the same
utilizes PHP/MySQL for quick
FastWork should install for
integrate with your website
website. The site has a
interaction. All necessary
you other great tools like
looks. files of any type are
built in partnering system
files included as well as
phpMyAdmin or phpBB?
supported and you can
so that we can turn your
detailed instructions on how
specify the maximum size of
extreme traffic into cash
to set everything up. Files
files that can be uploaded
for you. Firebase
include source fla and
by users. the script
software is not free. We
table.sql file for easy
displays a succes or failure
only get paid if your making
database configuration.
message once the user has
money though. This is a
clicked on the submit
complete turn key website
button. the file uploader is
free and a demo can be seen
on the author's site.
download it now and use it
on your site.

Date: Dec, 20 2004

Date: Jul, 05 2004

Date: Feb, 15 2005

Date: Jul, 02 2006
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