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My Stats

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This is easy PHP script. No
this is an extremely handy
It consist of two parts: a
My Stats 1.0 is a free php /
need to configure. This
script lets your visitors
diagnostic part (you can use
mysql stats program. It
script sends emails to
load files to your own web
ping, traceroute, nslookup)
collects user infromation,
unlimited email addresses in
folder directly. this
and a monitoring part (e. g.
and displays all the data in
HTML and text format. Also
simple script uses
monitoring the traffic on
a nice graphical
If you have apache+php
stylesheet to suitably
eth0 interface).
page. There is an auto
installed on your Windows i
integrate with your website
install script, which will
can give you SMTP Server and
looks. files of any type are
do all the configuration for
help to adjust that, after
supported and you can
you. Easy to install, quick,
that you will be able send
specify the maximum size of
and pretty.
thousands emails from your
files that can be uploaded
own computer.
by users. the script
displays a succes or failure
message once the user has
clicked on the submit
button. the file uploader is
free and a demo can be seen
on the author's site.
download it now and use it
on your site.

Date: Nov, 12 2003

Date: Jul, 05 2004

Date: Jun, 14 2004

Date: Jan, 13 2004
PHP Directory Indexer is a
The Dynamic Calendar combines
Message 366 is very simple
he phpGrid© is a simple but
PHP script, meant to replace
many features of your
script that shows a
powerful tool for generating
apache's default directory
favorite event scheduling
completely different message
data-bound grid control in
lister module. It supports
software with the easy
on your website for everyday
PHP environment. Grid-based
various things, like,
interface of popular
of the year.
editing including browse,
themes, an icon for each
handheld operating system
create, view, update and
file type, aliases, let user
into one complete, online
remove records are the most
choose how to order and wich
calendar system. This
common behaviors for web
theme to use.
database-driven calendar is
developers. The phpGrid is
easy to set up with your web
excellent for
site, and since it's
database-driven web site.
web-based, you can manage
Just a few lines of code
the events from any computer
will create nice and
with a connection to the
professional looking
Internet - not just one
datagrid. It dramatically
machine, in your office!
decreases product
turn-around time for PHP web

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Sep, 18 2004

Date: Dec, 29 2003

Date: Jul, 07 2004
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