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Dynamic Calendar

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PHP DataGrid

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The Dynamic Calendar combines
This is easy PHP script. No
This program was desigend for
he phpGrid© is a simple but
many features of your
need to configure. This
webmasters, to privde access
powerful tool for generating
favorite event scheduling
script sends emails to
to thousands of dollars in
data-bound grid control in
software with the easy
unlimited email addresses in
scripts, website templates,
PHP environment. Grid-based
interface of popular
HTML and text format. Also
hosting service and even
editing including browse,
handheld operating system
If you have apache+php
includes a great affiliate
create, view, update and
into one complete, online
installed on your Windows i
income program all for one
remove records are the most
calendar system. This
can give you SMTP Server and
common behaviors for web
database-driven calendar is
help to adjust that, after
developers. The phpGrid is
easy to set up with your web
that you will be able send
excellent for
site, and since it's
thousands emails from your
database-driven web site.
web-based, you can manage
own computer.
Just a few lines of code
the events from any computer
will create nice and
with a connection to the
professional looking
Internet - not just one
datagrid. It dramatically
machine, in your office!
decreases product
turn-around time for PHP web

Date: Sep, 18 2004

Date: Nov, 12 2003

Date: Mar, 22 2004

Date: Jul, 07 2004
Message 366 is very simple
A counter that counts how
With this module you can
This package is meant to
script that shows a
many people have been to
integrate a whole
provide backup and restore
completely different message
your website in the last x
Download3000 software
services of MySQL
on your website for everyday
minutes. Requires MySQL and
archive (almost 4000
databases. It provides a
of the year.
PHP. You can specify table
articles) to your PHP-Nuke
friendly tab based user
name and how many minutes it
powered site within one
interface that lets the
should count for. Very easy
minute. The best of all
users create backups of
to install and set up.
is the fact that you can
given MySQL databases to
Support available by email.
earn money through the
files, listing previously
RegNow affiliate program.
generated backups, restore a
If users will buy software
given backup and deleting
from your site you will earn
backup files. Currently
commission. You need just
this package requires PHP
register yourself at RegNow
with the bzip or zlib
and add your affiliate ID to
extension enabled to
module's config.php. That's
generate compressed backup
files. It also uses the
gonxtabs class to create an
user-friendly navigation
menu. Localisation
support is enabled to let
you configure your
application with your
default langage and change
it, or to add a new
translation. 1.0.6 : You
can choose between create
backup of hole DB or select
specefic tables to
backup. 1.0.7-PRE2 : All
PHP notice error messages
have been removed. Brazilian
Portuguese,Dutch, Chinese
and Tagalog translations
have been added.

Date: Dec, 29 2003

Date: Jul, 06 2004

Date: Jun, 22 2004

Date: May, 31 2004
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