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osCommerce prot to E-xoops CMS

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Have forums on your site? why
This is not a stand-alone
Here is an easy php password
Comprehensive e-commerce
not use the signitures from
script. It contains only a
without mysql very easy to
solution for E-xoops. This
your forums on your site to
php-function for inclusion
install and manage add as
is the full oscommerce. Do
give it that personal
into other php scripts. It's
many password and username
with this what you can do
touch. Works on
purpose is to make sending
as you wish...
with the standalone version!
PHPBB2 Cant see why it
mime-type emails easier.
wont work on any forums
You can attach as many
files as you wish. You can
send HTML-formatted mails,
with direct input or
template based.

Date: May, 31 2004

Date: May, 29 2004

Date: May, 29 2004

Date: May, 24 2004
This Script can be included
Creative shop is a
Online demonstration
The ProviderTool is for the
anywhere and used where ever
multipurpose shopping front
available based on a shop
administrative needs of your
you have a public entry form
for small to medium sized
front. But the interface
Linux Internet server. The
where users can enter
business. Online demo
will be applicable for any
software is divided into a
freehand text, this is to
available. The key features
MySQL database driven
subcomponent Admin Tool,
stop people with over-active
are :- Shopping
website. Menu driven
Customer Tool and a Reseller
imaginations and an
cart. Multi-level product
user-friendly design makes
Tool. Each subcomponent
overdeveloped sense of
catehories. Built-in search
it operable by any one even
tool manages a separate zone
humour from making rude or
engine. Simple but elegant
without any skill in
that is setup for the
profane entries. The word
design. User friendly
database management. This
specific needs of your
filter itself is as
navigation with special
will substantially reduce
administrator, end user and
expandable as your word
features. Special features
cost of data update and
reseller. You will be able
definitions it could include
like discount coupons, bulk
maintenance. Fully modular
to add, delete and change
any terms deemed
discounts etc can be
design with provision for
settings and users with just
inappropriate it will filter
integrated. Complete with a
upgrading services in tune
a couple of clicks.
them and replace them with
very user friendly data and
with expansion of business
ProviderTool is delivered
random punctuation
image management back end
and additional requirements.
with a separate Apache and
marks. Requires MySQL
with multiple features e.g.
PHP server environment.
3.22.x or higher & PHP4
category, product, order
management, MIS and many
more. Online order status

Date: May, 24 2004

Date: May, 21 2004

Date: May, 21 2004

Date: May, 15 2004
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