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MySQL Backup Pro


MySQL Backup Pro

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This package is meant to provide backup and restore services of MySQL databases. It provides a friendly tab based user interface that lets the users create backups of given MySQL databases to files, listing previously generated backups, restore a given backup and deleting backup files. Currently this package requires PHP with the bzip or zlib extension enabled to generate compressed backup files. It also uses the gonxtabs class to create an user-friendly navigation menu. Localisation support is enabled to let you configure your application with your default langage and change it, or to add a new translation. 1.0.6 : You can choose between create backup of hole DB or select specefic tables to backup. 1.0.7-PRE2 : All PHP notice error messages have been removed. Brazilian Portuguese,Dutch, Chinese and Tagalog translations have been added.
Platform(s): n/a
Date: May, 31 2004
Author: http://freshmeat.net/projects/phpmysqlbackupro/


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