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phpBB modified by Przemo

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Truncate function

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The Smart GuestBook

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phpBB modification based on
As its anme suggests, The
WebDB Application Builder - A
phpBB 2.0.X script, it
Smart GuestBook is a
tool to generate database
contains about 200 add-ons,
beautiful guestbook script
driven web site with PHP /
with ability to switch off
in PHP that has almost all
MySQL source code instantly.
any of them in admin's
features that an advanced
Benefits of the Backend
panel. Demo forum with admin
guestbook should have. It
Builder Simple 3 step
privileges you can find at
supports avatar, emoticons
Process! Build Database
the homepage
or smilies, bbcode, easy
driven websites in minutes.
installation with automatic
sort, search, and edit
installer, language
fields to browse Built-in
templates (currently only
image with thumbnail
English is available), flood
uploading feature to your
protection, IP logging &
database Database Online
banning, bad words filter,
Builder. NO HTML codeing
validates the information
needed! Built-in HTML
provided by your visitor
Online Editor with image
(email, website, name,
handling. Built-in List
message), ICQ, AIM, YIM
Builder for pulldown menu,
support (displays
checkbox, radio button.
information via tooltips),
WYSIWYG - What you see is
an easy administrator
what you got. Test it
control panel with full
online, make sure it works
control of your guestbook,
before download.
verification of comments for
ScreenShot Guides Full
size etc. With this advanced
control of your backend
version of the guestbook,
framework. A full list of
you can edit and design it
files are displaied in a
to fit your liking or your
tree view before you
website looks!! Moreover,
download. Source codes
The Smart GuestBook can
generated are very clean,
record the time your
scalable, robust and easy to
visitors signed your
understand and maintenance.
guestbook. You can change
We are daring to be
your password as often as
compared with the source
you need for security
code that generated by
reasons. And all this comes
for FREE!! A demo is
available on the author's
website. Come and get it now.

Date: Aug, 12 2004

Date: Dec, 09 2003

Date: Aug, 23 2004

Date: Feb, 02 2004
S.A.F.E is php based snort
This is a great php guestbook
English, German and Italian
A very simple script that
front end. It will display
that supports many admin
guestbook with a lot of
blocks multiple ip addresses
your snort events from your
functions including
personalizzations and
from acsessing your site.
mysql database and display
deleting, banning IP's,
Includes a ban list file so
them for you. Easy to setup
promoting people to admins,
features. Easy to upgrade,
ip's can be blocked easily,
and navigate. Graphical and
a counter, a counter of how
easy to insert emoticons,
if you have more than one
exporting to html or csv
many people since your last
easy to manage for user and
page to restrict. Also
reports are also included.
visit, different kinds of
admin too. No spam with a
includes old
posts (all bold,
good email
version. Please note,
rules/important (go at top),
checker. Automatic viewble
that you must be a member of
and of course regular, only
stats for browsers and os,
Namek.co.uk to download the
regular is avaible to the
automatic database
file. Registering is free,
commen user), user freindly
utilization too. Respect
and takes about 20 seconds,
BB code, how many people
W3C HTML 4.01 Strict
so dont worry.
viewing guestbook, and of
Validation in included or
course smilies. This runs
stand-alone version and W3C
strictly on php and requires
CSS2 too.
no mySQL or any other

Date: Apr, 30 2004

Date: Jun, 01 2004

Date: Nov, 02 2003

Date: Nov, 26 2003
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