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ASP & Javascript Quiz

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ASP Tutorial

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Online Exam using ASP & XML

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This script loads 10 random
This tutorial explains along
This article presents an
questions from an Access
with sample code how to
online exam system that
database and creates a
create a simple quiz program
pulls its data from an xml
javascript quiz from them.
in ASP. It uses an Access
file on the server. The
There are buttons to display
database for data handling.
question list for the user
the current score and to
is sent to the browser via
display the answers.
Microsoft's XMLHTTP Object.
Using this same object, the
questions are retrieved from
the server and displayed on
the page whenever the user
requests a question.

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: May, 05 2000

Date: Nov, 13 2001
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