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Community Labs at PCheek.com

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Commercial phpBB Skin

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PHP and MySQL Training Classes

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A community creating new php
Share code snippets with a
This is a full phpbb skin,
From the authors of PHP by
scripts all the time! Also
developers community. Rate,
not for users with phpnuke /
Example (Prentice Hall)
includes website templates
download, and comment on
phpbb addon. This skin was
comes a comprehensive 5-day
and css navigation menus.
other snippets. Join a
based on my commercial
PHP bootcamp. Learn how to
Join today and get access to
development team.
phpnuke theme
develop dynamic,
premium downloads!
byteMyCode makes it easy
database-driven websites
to share your code snippets
converted to phpbb. The skin
using PHP and MySQL in 5
with a community of talented
includes matching set of
developers. You can also
bbcode box buttons. (bbcode
start a development team,
box mod needs to be
and share sensitive code
installed) PSD file and FLA
snippets between team
file for the header and
navigation included

Date: Mar, 03 2006

Date: Feb, 27 2006

Date: Feb, 23 2006

Date: Feb, 15 2006
AtomicOxide is devoted to
Parago is a powerful asset
A collection of PHP/CGI/ASP
TriPHP is a complete
supplying you with free
management system controlled
scripts and other webmaster
webmaster resource with
resources for your site.
through an intuitive visual
resources, forum, webmaster
tutorials on xhtml, css,
This includes, Free PHP
interface. Easy to use, yet
php, mysql, seo, affiliate
Scripts, Free Tutorials and
providing the flexibility
and mlm programs, investment
Free Templates. If you are
and features demanded by
progrmas and many
stuck for ideas or just want
high-end systems, Parago can
more.TriPHP has also a forum
to develop your site
fulfil all of your asset
for web design and
further; Then you should
management requirements.
development and making money
check out the PHP Script
Unlike most asset management
online. It has also a
section with over 700 free
systems, using Parago is
categorized directory of PHP
scripts, and constantly
easy because of the visual
scripts. You can also submit
interface. Icons are used to
your site at TriPHP
represent containers, such
as rooms, and assets, such
as computers, printers and
software. By creating a
virtual model of your
school. You can create a
building then place floors
and rooms within the
building. Specific icons are
available to represent each
type of room or container,
so you can instantly
recognise what type of room
you are looking at simply
from the icon. Name the
rooms and buildings to mimic
your real infrastructure.

Date: Feb, 14 2006

Date: Feb, 08 2006

Date: Feb, 03 2006

Date: Feb, 01 2006
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