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Foo-Bar.net is a PHP and Perl
thickbook.com is a Web site
Zend.com is designed to be a
PHPDeveloper.org is a new
code bank. Come to browse
that acts as a supplementary
one-stop access site for the
site to provide you with
the scripts and add code
resource for the books the
community of users who seek
resources and support on PHP
snippets or scripts for
author, Julie Meloni (PHP
PHP-related information and
technology. It currently
others to use.
Essentials) writes. This
support services. In
offers several tutorials,
site provides a number of
addition to information and
scripts, and a message board.
example source codes from
news concerning the company
"PHP Essentials,"
and its products, Zend.com
and other tutorials on PHP
hosts the most comprehensive
repository of PHP-related
knowledge. Professional
questions and solutions
concerning PHP are
categorized for easy access
and compiled in a searchable
knowledge base, allowing
users to focus on specific
information. Zend.com
contains extensive libraries
of knowledge, including PHP
manuals, tutorials,
technical articles and case

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WebCafe.dk provides a variety
This site provides organized
anything.dk is a Danish site
This site provides scripts,
of tutorials on PHP
and searchable
for PHP/MySQL-developers. It
links, books, and forums on
programming ranging from
user-submitted PHP/MySQL
provides many useful
open source programming and
Introductory to more
code database with BBS,
articles and forums.
software including apache,
advanced. All the tutorials
chat, tutorials and more.
linux, perl, php, python,
are written in Danish.
sendmail, and tcl.

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