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Free2Code is a large web
PHPThemes aims to be the
phpPatterns is building a
A dedicated site for phpnuke
developer community
largest archive of web
repository of sample
themes, all free for
providing tutorials,
themes from CMS's to Forums
software design patterns
downloads, developer
to Image gallery's. We will
written in PHP, to help
resources, and more. Also
host Web Themes for most PHP
developers get the most of
has a irc network dedicated
Scripts (phpnuke, postnuke,
PHP's object oriented
to helping developers.
xoops, phpbb, etc.)
features. The overall aim is
to raise awareness of PHP as
a serious choice for
enterprise level web

Date: Dec, 05 2002

Date: Dec, 02 2002

Date: Nov, 25 2002

Date: Nov, 18 2002
Group of Azerbaijan
php|architect is the new
Offers tutorials, scripts,
A free online service that
programmers in PHP, Perl,
monthly magazine for the PHP
forums on PHP development.
offers you a growing
MySQL, Flash, and working in
professional community.
collection of phpinfo();
design, website creation. In
Published in PDF format and
output files, created on
this site you will find
distributed worldwide,
different platforms, with
several PHP-scripts created
php|a features articles on
different web servers,
for free and commercial
advanced topics, as well as
different PHP versions and
on the everyday use of PHP.
different configurations.
Every PHP developer can use
this site to gather valuable
information about the
differences between the
various configurations,
especially the presence of
certain global variables.
You are welcome to benefit
from the information in this

Date: Nov, 11 2002

Date: Nov, 07 2002

Date: Oct, 14 2002

Date: Sep, 30 2002
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