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Onlinetools.org is a place to
CCM is a french web site
php-homepage.de is a German
Creativephp is a PHP and
find free HTML, DHTML,
offering a large number of
site offering resources on
DHTML web design resource
Javascript, Perl and PHP
tutorials on PHP, MySQL,
PHP and MySQL. Also
site. It offers free codes,
Scripts, Snippets and
XML, JSP, and more.
available are Forums,
downloadable programs, and
Wizards to help you spice up
Scripts and more.
tools. Also features an
your homepages, sites and
online versatile user
maybe even ecommerce
friendly MYSQL Database
platforms. All the scripts
Manager designed and
are free for personal use,
programmed by the author for
and you can grab the source
managing databases anywhere
and change it to fit your
on the web, without any user
knowledge of SQL; PHP,
cross-browser (IE5 &
Netscape 6 compatible) DHTML
and Javascript cut &
paste codes and downloadable
programs with tutorial
helps; Original graphics
examples like stained glass
bars, jewel buttons, etc; A
diverse collection of
Mystical Resources and
authorís Travel pictures;
and an example of a template
driven site with database
and flat file support
separating content
development from site design
/ program for ease of
expansion, addition /
alterations. The site is
Netscape 6 compatible.

Date: Feb, 08 2001

Date: Feb, 05 2001

Date: Jan, 30 2001

Date: Jan, 12 2001
phpmylinux is a French site
Rapidphp is a PHP scripting
Web Script World provides a
PHP Facile is a French site
which offers tutorials on
and tutorial database. This
growing number of free PHP
that provides PHP resources
Apache, PHP and MySQL. You
site hopes to help web
scripts for your site.
such as tutorials, scripts,
will also find how to
developers learn this new
Currently available programs
forum, chat, and more.
install Apache, PHP, and
server side scripting
include chat system,
MySQL under Linux.
language through usable code
multiforum, and multilist
and examples.

Date: Jan, 03 2001

Date: Jan, 02 2001

Date: Nov, 06 2000

Date: Nov, 01 2000
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