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JimmyHarmon.com PHP Scripts

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TheTestingSite.net is the
Buddy Zone has all the
SonicFreelance.com brings
JimmyHarmon.com has listings
perfect place to go to
features needed to run a
webmasters and freelancers
for PHP, CGI/Perl,
create, upload, test/debug
successful social networking
together in one spot.
Javascript and Java
your code, and show off the
community like myspace. The
Webmasters can post projects
scripting. We have a message
finished product on a live
features include the
free of charge and start
board for tips and tricks to
webserver. You can also
following: Browse by Zip
getting many bids from
to help in the development
recieve help on any of the
Code, Search Users, Invite
freelancers who can complete
of your website. We also
scripts that you are
Users, Internal Mailing
your project. Freelancers
offer a wide variety of
creating by using the Live
System, Blogs, Forums,
can find projects to do and
scripts for installation as
Support, the member's area
Groups, Events, Classifieds,
make money doing what they
well as web design and web
(coming soon), and the
Address Book, Music, Profile
hosting capabilities.
Forums. For more
Customization by Users,
There's now a section for
information, visit <a
Video/Audio codes can be
free code directly from our
used in profiles/blogs,
message board. Lots of
Search Users By City, Search
little tidbits to make your
Users By School, User
site more functional!
Journals,User Address Book,
User Gallery with Comments
and more... We have also
integrated an admin panel
for the website so that you
can administrate it easily.
New features which were
added are: Comment on
gallery and Invite Only
module which lets you make
the site not accept new
registrations but just allow
users to invite and grow the

Date: May, 22 2006

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Date: May, 09 2006

Date: May, 05 2006
Learn basics and intermediate
Insane Visions is a website
Sample4u.com is an Internet
Website unites community of
PHP programming skills with
where you can find various
directory that compiles and
php dating scripts users
our helpful articles and
scripts, an online forum and
distributes Web
that offer comments and
tutorials. Also CSS tricks
soon, tutorials. At this
reviews on their programs
and tips, marketing tips and
time the available scripts
resources, geared toward
and applications. Here you
other website related
include OneCMS, BlogPHP and
webmasters, developers and
can find reviews of each
materials. This site also
several more are planned to
programmers looking for
dating software you can find
includes a large assortment
release as well as a new
enhancing their Web sites
on internet, read its
of webmaster related
tutorial section will be up
and intranets with dynamic
details and visit vendors
summer 2006.
development tools.
site for more information.
You can also post comments
on software either presales
type, general review,
support appraise and
complains. Website also
feature news in the area of
dating scripts and

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