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Geska Features. Fully
This rating system is written
PHPFront is a collection of
Pay Per Clicks and Earn With
functional PHP/MySQL Blog
in PHP. It is a very simple
small PHP snippets for php
Clicks top revenue sharing
Engine. Templating System
but yet has a lot of
beginners. You can add your
by clicks 65% revenue
allowing a choice of
functions. Below is the
own php code, or comment and
publishers welcome from all
multiple themes(2 Wordpress
details on what can it do.
rate others.
over the world.
ports), plus your own. FCK
What user can do User
Editor for posting blog
can choose what image to
entries. Publishing system
rate. This is a bit
for drafting blog
different with other
entries. Blogger API ,
scripts. Most of the time
allowing blogging from the
visitor are forced to rate
desktop with all Blogger
an image before their can
view the next one. To our
clients. Multi-User
point of view, this will
eventually bored user and
give unrealistic rating to
images that they have no
interest to rate. In our
script, visitors can browse
freely and if they meet
something that interest
them, they have the option
to rate it. Visitors can
view what is the top ten
rated images What Admin can
do Admin has the option to
upload images to be rated.
Admin has the option to
delete images by browsing or
using search function

Date: Aug, 22 2005

Date: Aug, 21 2005

Date: Aug, 15 2005

Date: Aug, 09 2005
free php scripts, php script
This PHP file is like a
Matchmaking solution which
IPLocker - a PHP script that
blogger backend for your
will help you run a very
allows you to protect your
service, newltetter script,
site/blog. It enables your
successful matrimonial
important data and resources
dbFiles script, vCounter
site to accept xml-rpc
services website. The
against any security
script and more ...
requests in the same way as
features include: Keyword
violation attempts. Many
blogger does. Put in a sub
Search, Advanced Search,
professionals start using
directory of your site and
Accept/Reject compliance and
IPLocker for their benefit.
edit the index.php to
many more.. the only
This powerful and functional
retrieve and insert info to
matchmaking solution which
PHP script provides
your site and away you go.
will help you compete with
high-grade security and
the biggest matrimonial
prompt support. In fact,
portals. Please See the demo
IPLocker is designed to
for more details.
restrict the access to your
project. For example, you
are developing a project and
want it to be accessed only
from your computer .... and
clients one. Or you want to
"ban" someones IP
adress or entire group of IP

Date: Aug, 09 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Jul, 30 2005
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