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A wide selection of free PHP
The auto mall site is a fully
Talking Code is an extensive
What Do You Think About
automated listing resource
PHP and MySQL Knowledge Base
Making 11,000 Affiliate
for Auto Dealers and Private
Website that contains over a
Links In Just 30 Minutes
Sellers that gives sellers
hundred thousand pages of
?... With or Without Owning
an affordable online
topics covering all issues.
A Website ! We Send Random
opportunity to sell
Traffic to Your "Work
vehicles. How it works
from Home .Net
The Auto Mall site has two
Page". Others Show You
options for sellers.
how To Make Money with One
Dealers can register as an
Product ... Here You Find a
dealer which gives them
Sure Way to Make Money With
extra features such as there
The Entire Clickbank
own business card type
Marketplace A Sales Page
website, banner advertising
Like This One (You Can
and multiple listing plans.
Customise Colors &
Dealors can benefit by
Graphics) A Complete
purchasing plans that will
Storefront With 11,000
sell up to 10 listings at
Merchant Links Automatically
one time. Private sale
set to Your Clickbank
(For sale by owner) clients
reseller ID. A Description
have their own account plan
For Every Link.
that is tailored to their
Marketplace Category And
needs where they can only
Sub Category Surfing.
purchase one listing for
Complete Control on
their vehicle. Private
Graphic Display For Your
accounts do not have a
Entire "Work from Home
personal website of banner
.Net Program". PHP
advertising making the
Code For Including
Private option affordable
"Work from Home .Net
and practical to sell their
Program" in Your
vehicle. With no extra
Website. HTML Code For
fees other than hosting,
Including "Work from
this site is a serious money
Home .Net Program" in
making website that can be
Your Website.
used locally and
Compatibility With Mobile
nationally. 100% Profit Site
Phone ( Imode, Wap, UMTS).
Modify Your Keywords and
Descriptions Url Rewriting
Ready (We provide: static
HTML or dynamic PHP links
for every member) YOUR
Catching Email Popup
Loading on Your Page Popup
Sending Your Email address
Enable Or disable Google
Adsense Advertisements
Enable Or disable Amazon
Affiliate Linking By
Keywords You get the
commission for each sale
through Clickbank
Marketplace. Life Time
Upgrades Without additional
fees. BONUS: Tons of
downloads available for
members. 3994 Search
Engines Ready to Receive
Your Affiliate Link Our
Clickbank Affiliate Program
: 75 % for every new
subscription to "Work
from Home .Net Page"
you provide. You can, now
work from home

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Date: May, 08 2005

Date: May, 02 2005
Whether it be PHP, ASP, or
This application for offline
Codewalkers is a resource /
phpBBsupport is a well
XML, we picked out the best
generation. From xml
community site dedicated to
established community
scripts that you should
documents by xslt
PHP and SQL development. It
bringing you the latest in
choose to build your site
offers an array of forums,
phpBB support discussion,
with. Our site is full of
user submitted code,
including: phpBB
scripts, articles,
tutorials and more.
package support phpBB
tutorials, and resources for
Codewalkers is the home of
hack support, development
the programmer and webmaster
the PHP Coding Contest
and downloads phpBB
template support,
development graphics
support and development
custom template &
graphics downloads
This new phpBB Team has been
put together using some of
the best in the phpBB
arena... from very
well-known support and hack
developers to some of the
most talented template and
graphics designers around.
Our Team is dedicated to
delivering the very latest
in phpBB support,
development and discussion
around the clock from our
experts spanning 10 time
zones. With our easy to
use Knowledge Base system to
the friendly and
approachable staff members,
phpBBsupport only has two
things in mind...
comprehensive phpBB support,
and delivering it as quickly
and professionally as

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Date: Apr, 18 2005
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