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Commodity Rentals

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Venture Nine, PHP Web Solutions

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CommodityRentals is the most
Newsposter is a versatile
Venture Nine, PHP Web
An almost entirely automated
comprehensive Online Rental
weblog written in the
Solutions is a website that
photo gallery using PHP and
Business Creator script
scripting language PHP. The
consists of PHP Web
its GD extension. It
today. It comes with a full
huge amount of options and
Solutions for your website.
automatically scans and
E-Commerce Capacity and is
functions and its
Mainly in the line of
arranges directories and
ready to go, out of the box.
flexibility make Newsposter
interactive solutions such
images, dynamically creates
It can get your Online
to a very useful tool,
as Guestbooks (Booker),
thumbnails, then destroys
Rentals business up and
applicable in various
TagBoards (Tagger), and
them when it's done. In *nix
running within a matter of
environments. It has
other scripts. The site also
it will also display the
hours. Built on a fully
the following features and
has articles written that
last time a directory was
extendible and customizable
functions: comments, themes
are on the subject of
updated. Add a stylesheet to
platform, CommodityRentals
and topics, RSS 1.0/2.0 Atom
Information Technology (IT).
make the page as smokin' hot
makes use of an open
0.3 feeds, one-way NNTP
Read various news on
as the pictures.
attribute architecture,
gateway, multi-user,
programming and Web
allowing you to add your own
multilingual, content
Standards and accessibility.
rental attributes and create
negotiation, search
You can also view the
your own customized version
function, hashed passwords,
portfolio and resume of
of your online rental
login per LDAP directory,
Brian Benzinger. The
different user rights, mail
portfolio includes small
protocols, marking of new
scripts that has been made
and old postings, UBB code,
as well that you can freely
data storage in
use for your site. All
"mbox" format,
solutions as of now are free.
UTF-8 support, etc.

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1
Php-freelancers.com is a
Use A Freelancer can help you
Web site with scripts easy to
(send file | mageupload |
"ONE STOP" full
find Freelance Programmers,
include to your web design
file upload | Rapidshare |
service site where a
Graphic Designers, Flash
with an iframe and an
file hosting |
"Buyer" can post a
Animators, Web Designers and
opportunity to change design
savefile) Free File Hosting
project for FREE and have a
more. Buyers can outsource
with .css (style sheet)
and send file - with
highly skilled
their projects to freelance
file. Some of the
ifilespace.com you can
developers, programmers, web
scripts: Shop / Store,
upload and share unlimited
competitively bid on your
designers, Flash experts,
music shop / store, calendar
files which can be
project. They offer Buyer's
and graphic designers who
booking, news system,
downloaded unlimited
several different categories
bid to develop your project.
real-estate system
times. Easily share file
to post their projects in
Get professional work at
with family and friends,
and offer you the confidence
prices you can afford.
access data from multiple
that their Freelancers can
“Buyers” get $3.00 deposited
locations, or backup
meet your project needs no
into their account toward
important documents and
matter how small or large
their first project just for
files to our secure servers.
the project is. Their
joining. Freelancers have
Premium Member support 1G
Freelancers offer a variety
the ability to earn money
file upload. Max filesize
of skills and expertise and
while working independently.
is 200MB and we support ALL
would most likely be the
As a Freelancer, you can
file types- It's completly
type of people to work on
choose the projects that
your project if you were to
interest you. Freelancers
hire an outside business to
get their first awarded
do the work. They offer the
project Free.
consumer, or business NO
overhead, NO advertising
costs, and NO fees
whatsoever. Best of all
their Freelancers come to
you! They take the hassle
out of searching through
phone books, placing ads,
and looking through
newspapers just to find the
right person to complete
your project.

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Nov, 30 -1
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