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Easy WebManager

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Php scripts for your website.
Information Technology
Personal site of Marcus
Easy WebManager is a simple
You can list your scripts on
Related Forums, web design,
Baker. The site includes
though powerful solution. It
our site free. We also offer
development, hosting,
tutorials on testing and
gives anyone the possibility
a affiliate program.
marketing, business
various aspects of extreme
to set up and maintain a
strategies articles and
programming and also some
professional website with
discussions. iTechForums
assorted sourceforge
many features. Get started
is an Information Technology
projects including
in minutes. No programming
related forums, it's all
SimpleTest and PHP::Duploc.
needed at all. Simply fill
about 'IT' discussions, code
out some forms, and a new
samples, and special
category, link or page will
be created. You are in total
planning. Whether you are
control thanks to the user
a beginner, or advanced
friendly CMS (Content
developer, you are welcome,
Management System). Want to
the main idea of iTechForums
save time? Easy WebManager
is to provide help to
is the solution for
beginners, boosting advanced
you. Features: - Easy
users experiences, building
installation and
off-site (open source like)
configuration - Add /
projects supported by a
remove / edit categories
large number of programmers,
under which you can add
developers, and
links - Add / remove / edit
designers. Offer help to
/ order links to your
others, get helped, having
pages - Add / remove / edit
your iTechForums account,
your pages - Website
you'll never be off your
statistics (shows number of
project needs, there is
users online, visitors
always somebody wants to
etc.) - Extend your website
help you, navigate our
with new features using
categories and choose a
plugins - Use HTML / PHP (+
suitable one to post your
MySQL) directly in your
questions, and simply get
documents - Easy
maintenance and time saving
thanks to the CMS - CMS
protected by login
(encrypted password) - Auto
login - Free for personal

Date: Apr, 20 2004

Date: Apr, 15 2004

Date: Apr, 12 2004

Date: Apr, 12 2004
Coding Ground is a Large
A new but growing community
Design Focus is an award
Free PHP clan tools etc. The
Database website Listing
for PHP developers and
winning website design
perfect resource for
Free php scripts, mySQL,
resources. Features include
company out of Houston, Tx.
webmasters and clan
codings, tutorials,
discussion and Q&A
We specialize in PHP and
leaders. Chat Scripts,
webmaster tools, ebooks,
forums, a resource
MySQL development
Communication Tools,
Large Encyclopedia
directory, and web hosting.
Complete Clan Solutions
containing( Internet Terms
(CMS), Counters, Discussion
Glossary - Extensions
Boards, Form Processors,
Glossary ( Almost all File
Gameserver, Guestbooks,
Formats) - Internet **
Image Galleries, Mailing
Chating ** Acronyms,
List Manager, News
webLinks directory and
Publishing, Polls and
Voting, Tournaments, User
Management, War

Date: Apr, 01 2004

Date: Apr, 01 2004

Date: Mar, 18 2004

Date: Mar, 10 2004
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