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Giombetti.com PHP WebDev

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Libertas Solutions CMS

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Next Generation Coders

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osCommerce Templates .biz

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Giombetti.com v2.0 PHP WebDev
Ideal for organisations
My site contains a host of
Choose any template design
is a small, but growing PHP
needing a CMS solution that
free php driven scripts
from the hundreds available
Homepage. It offers some
is:: - Easy for non-IT
which are easy to integrate
and we will integrate it
PHP-Scripts, Snippets,
staff to use - Quick to
and work with these range
with osCommerce for you. Get
Tutorials, Tricks, Books on
impliment - Search engine
from counters , guest book ,
a superb looking e-commerce
PHP development.
friendly - Meets WAI /
forum to mailing list etc .
website with all the
Section 508 website
These are written with
functionality and security
accessability standards -
integration in mind and most
of the open source
Powerful & scalable (can
dont require a database .
osCommerce code running it.
update and manage entire
site) - 100% web based
(access any time / any place)

Date: Jan, 16 2004

Date: Jan, 16 2004

Date: Jan, 08 2004

Date: Jan, 05 2004
ZorbStats is a simple Web
At WorldAfterDark.com you can
Bex Consulting Inc has been
Swell Designs Forums is a
statistics generator using
instantly have your own
creating sites for over 8
great forums system made by
PHP and MySQL. It is simple
advertising site worth
years. Instead of
gotme of swell-designs. It
to install an features
thousands of dollars for
re-inventing the wheel each
uses mySQL.
visitor logs, browser stats,
only $14.95 per month. The
time, we now use our
OS stats, and number of
site has an amazing amount
previously made sites for
visits. It also allows you
of features and is
our new customers. This
to search all logs. A web
completely amazing.
saves them thousands of
counter is also availlable
dollars. We have many
to put anywhere on your
different types of
professoinal grade websites.

Date: Jan, 02 2004

Date: Dec, 30 2003

Date: Dec, 30 2003

Date: Dec, 29 2003
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