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Italian vortal on PHP

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PHP Italia

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This is an Italian directory
PHP Italia is a resource
I LOVE PHP is a French news /
PHP-Archiv is a german PHP
of PHP resource on the web.
Website for Italian PHP
resource site dedicated to
resource directory. It
Includes courses, review and
Developers. It offers
PHP development. It provides
provides categorized
other useful things PHP
articles, tutorials,
news, mailing list, links,
listings of scripts,
(from newbie to the hard
programs, tips, FAQs and
downloads, articles, and
tutorials, documentation,
more on PHP Programming.
links, and more.

Date: Oct, 30 2000

Date: Sep, 15 2000

Date: Sep, 13 2000

Date: Sep, 13 2000
PHP Resource Index offers
This is the PHP section of
This sites offers over 20
PHP.PAGINA.NL provides a
hundreds of PHP related
Italian site LatoServer.it.
free PHP Scripts to help
collection of many useful
resources divided into
It provides articles,
make your web site more
PHP-related links for
categories such as Complete
examples and documentation
interactive. Currently
beginners and for more
Scripts, Functions and
on PHP development. Also
available scripts include:
experienced users. Also
Classes, Documentation,
available sections are Perl,
various counters and clocks,
available are links for
Community and more.
Apache, MySQL, and Server
form processors, guestbook,
MySQL, Linux, Apache, etc.
Side Includes.
poll script, random link and
image displayer, banner
advertising script, and more.

Date: Sep, 13 2000

Date: Sep, 13 2000

Date: Aug, 13 2000

Date: Jul, 29 2000
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